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People and Places

PRC China client giving thumbs up to USGR
PRC China client giving thumbs up to USGR

Mr. Gilbert Osuga, architect, works with USGR in Singapore and Malaysia
Mr.Gilbert Osuga, our man in Singapore
and Malaysia. Also president of
KKS Consulting, Singapore Engineering
firm designs resorts and office buildings

Project being prepared for shipping. Exporting done from Washington and Florida, USA.
A project being readied for export from Seattle,
Washington. Now also shipping overseas from Florida

Lev Kurochkin, partner of USGR for east Russia and Korea.
Standing: Lev Kurochkin our Russian
Far East and Korean Partner

European Russia partners of USGR.
European Russia Partners

Philippine and Brunei partners with CEO of USGR.
Right - Mr.Joey Leviste our Philippine partner
also President Filoil and CEO Polistrat Asia
Center:Mr. Timothy Ong Ceo
National Ins-Co Burnei

India construction site uses an elephant to life a truss.
Our director of construction Mr Gene Loper
the only crane available to lift truss at India site..

Gene Loper and Donn Sharp on site in India.
Mr.Gene Loper and Donn Sharp in India.
Mr Loper has been a key to out success for
over 20 years. Has built for us in 14 countries

Partners in the jungles of Laos.
We go to the project - even if in the jungles of Laos.
left to right
Our Thai partner Mr Piyaoui,
USGR CEO, our Singapore partner Mr. Osuga,
Lady Interpreter, Laos Partner, Mr John Thompson
American GOLF course builder.

USGR shipment to Saudi Arabia.
A shipment from Sharp to
Abana enterprises, Saudi Arabia

Mozambique project developer on well drilling and water storage project.
Mr.Tyree our project developer in Mozambique.
Well drilling and water storage project

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