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About Display Benches   

Display benches are an essential part of marketing products.  Our display benches are available in plastic and metal.   Both the plastic display benches and metal display benches come in numerous different shapes and sizes.  Many different types of display benches are available for garden center, greenhouse and nursery uses 

Benchmaster Structural Plastics benches is the world’s leader of high density plastic display benches.   The Benchmaster Structural Plastics benches for hobby growers used for growing plants are popular.   The plastic display benches are also used for growing plants, production plastic benches because of their ease of assembly and movability.  The metal display bench is also available in many different shapes and sizes.   Many metal display benches are mounted on wheels.  

Whether you want plastic display benches, or metal display benches, we can assist you in a CAD and layout design. 

            Heavy Duty Plastic Display Benches
                        Numerous options & styles
                        Quick install and tear down
                        Seen everywhere

            Metal Display Benches
                        Stationary or with wheels
                        Many types including for hanging baskets
                        Very large volumes  

Bench design considerations

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