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About Durable Plastic Public Benches and Tables  

Our durable plastic public benches and durable plastic tables are made of recycled plastic lumber and have many uses for park benches, mall benches, playground benches, school benches, picnic benches, anywhere that an attractive long-life public use is required. We offer:

  • Mall Benches. Standard mall benches as well as deluxe colored mall benches and our elite mall bench are very upscale.  
  • Park Benches. The park bench also comes in 3 different styles and design. Park benches are very popular because they are suited for outdoor use in many difference sizes and are mostly very mar-proof.  Because they are weatherproof the park benches are very popular.
  • School benches and playground benches.  Any of the recycled plastic lumber benches can also be used as school benches for indoor and outdoor use. School benches and playground benches are very popular because they are weatherproof and mar-proof and graffiti is easily removed from the school benches. School bench and playground benches are also used the same as park benches with and without backs.    Because they are weatherproof the school benches and playground benches are very popular.
  • Patio Benches. Those interested in patio benches will find there are many options for patio benches and include chairs, ottomans, side tables for patio bench accessories. Patio benches also made of plastic recycled lumber, and therefore the patio benches can be left outdoors. Patio benches are extremely durable, far better than wood.  
  • Picnic Tables. We also offer recycled plastic picnic tables.   They are used in many public locations, in conjunction with the school benches, playground benches and park benches.   The plastic picnic table comes in rectangular shape, with seating on each side.  We also have a hex picnic table. Our new offering is a square picnic table; it is a pedestal picnic table.

Bench design considerations

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