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Expanded Metal
Greenhouse Benches

  • Continuous Air Flow - Reducess fungus by allowing unrestricted air passage. Also allows for even distribution of heat and light.
  • Long Life - Hot Dip Zinc coating practically eliminates the need for replacement. Also available plain if customer desires to galvanized or paint locally.
  • Drainage - 76% open area allows easy drainage.
  • Strong - Pots sit level.
  • Versatile - No spacing problems.
  • No Maintenance - Soil and water drop right through the bench - eliminating weed, soil and water accumulation.
  • Light Weight - 94 lb. per one hundred square feet.
  • Replacement - Usually can be adapted to existing frames.
  • Low Cost - You'll find this bench to be more economical than most bench material now used.

Dramex Expanded Metal - 13 gauge - 3/4"

  1. Manufactured from 13 ga. carbon steel, hot dip galvanized.
  2. Support materials and aluminum extrusion edging by others.
  3. Available in stock panels (4' x6' or 6' x 6') or custom sizes for individual requirement.

Bench design considerations

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