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Stationary Benches

stationary benches
Stationary benches with expanded metal tops.
Legs in concrete (free standing also available).
Research house. Note poorly maintained
fiberglass covering.
Put your profits first... with the system that's built to last.

Choose durability. USGR Stationary Benches are built tough, from the ground up. Bench legs are heavy-gauge galvanized steel. Tube ends are capped to seal out moisture and chemicals. And steel-aluminum trays resist the chemicals and water that corrode the profits right out of other benching systems.

Cross members are adjustable, so leveling now - or in ten years - is easy. Smooth, continuous operation is assured.

Choose stationary benches in 3', 3'6", 4', 5', 5'6" or 6' widths, with lengths to your specifications.


  • Heavy gauge legs supplied with a galvanized finish
  • ROLL-FORM components maximize structural integrity
  • One-piece aluminum bench top frame


  • Benches are supplied pre-punched to reduce installation labor
  • Leg anchor BRACKETS attach direct ly to bench legs
  • Multiple widths available

STANDARD BENCH WIDTHS: 3', 4', 5', 5'6", 6', 6'6"

Details of stationary bench design

Special Note on Benches:

There is often more steel in the benches than in the structure Cost can run anywhere from $1.75 LSD per square foot to Over $5.00 per square foot depending upon quality.

Bench design considerations

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