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Single Stage Thermostat

Single stage thermostatThe Wadsworth NEMA 4 thermostats are commercial grade controls that are designed to stand up to rugged real-world applications. Listed by UL, the NEMA 4 thermostats meet the requirements for NEMA 4X equipment and are suitable for use under the National Electric Code. Designed for outdoor and agricultural applications that are often wet, rugged and mildly corrosive environments. These weather-resistant, durable controls are for both heating and cooling in agricultural, industrial and commercial environments.

  • One control for heating or cooling
  • NEMA 4X enclosure complies with N.E.C. article 547.
  • Rugged, weather resistant enclosure.
  • Corrosion resistant materials for long life.
  • Low mass, high surface area of stainless steel coiled sensor provides rapid response to temperature change.
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified.
  • Temperature Range from 40° to 110° F / 4° to 43° C

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