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USGR will provide quotes, designs and installation instructions Based upon your specific crop requirements, location and type of greenhouse or growing facility

PL Lighting and USGR bring you years of experience in providing the right plant growth lights for the greenhouse, nursery and forestry industries. We are honored to add Hortilux Europe to our product line.


We provide design layout, even light distribution, electrical efficiency, installation components and most important, proper light for the crop you are producing.

Hortilux Schede3r light

You need the right light, installed and designed properly to fit the green house and crop your are growing. USGR has a 78 year background in plant growth technology for conditions around the world. Different crops have different needs, and some do not respond well to lights, and other can be over done with too much light. The vest majority of crops do respond - but the need of the plant varies. Are you lighting mums, for bud set, growing vegetable transplants? Rose need different standards.

As we have been in the greenhouse crop lighting industry since the early 1960's, PL Lights/Hortilux Lights has led the way with the greatest research and development program and between our two companies hope to serve your lighting needs.

An important innovation that further improves the great PL Light System. PL has supplied two internal compartments. This improves heat removal as the fixture stays cooler and as such, extended life of lights is assured. A major improvement to the grow light fixtures.

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