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Air Circulation

Summer ventilation

ems40 FANThe climate inside naturally ventilated structures can often be enhanced by installing large air, circulation fans that can blow air across animals. This creates a wind chill effect which gives that extra bit of cooling on very hot days.

Euroemme® EMS36 and EMS50 air circulation fans: High volume air recirculators.

  • Propeller is available in stainless steel, galvanised steel and pre-coated galvanised steel
  • Special threaded bushes on fan's side panels permit the fan to be easily hung
  • Low noise and vibration
Model Propeller
No of
at 0 Pa
at 0 Pa
EMS36 915 mm
6 0.55 or 0.75 kW
[0.75 or 1.0 hp]
320,080 to 22,450 m3/h
[[11,820 to 13,215 cfm]
Up to 22.5 m3/h/W
Up to [13.2 cfm/W]
ems50 1,270 mm
6 0.75 or 1.1 W
[1.0 or 1.5 hp]
36,180 to 42,125 m3/h
[21,300 to 24,800 cfm]
Up to 34.5 m3/h/W
Up to [20.3 cfm/W]

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