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U.S. Global Resources has supplied fans for industry and agriculture since 1956. Our fans are used for ventilation, cooling, air circulation in agriculture, not only for greenhouse, but also fans for poultry ventilation, poultry cooling and also for removal of odors and harmful air carrying diseases in poultry houses. The same is true of hog and other animal ventilation and air moving systems. Special consideration n must be given to whether hog, poultry or other animal is chick/ calf/ or producing animal. Environmental fans in animal production must be incorporated with cooling and ventilation shutters. Air movement in poultry, hog and animal confinement buildings are very beneficial to production and quality in animals.

Many of our fans are used in warehousing and industrial applications machine shop, odor control, cooling and ventilating machinery, comfort for personnel and other environmental cooling, air circulation and ventilation conditions. Our exhaust fans are sized from 12 inch up to 50 inch (152 cm). Our exhaust fans have wide variety of CFM production based upon motor size, CFM per watts, etc. We offer exhaust fans made of plastic, aluminum, galvanized steel. Exhaust fans for greenhouse, agriculture, warehouse and industry can be unassembled or assembled. All of our fans whether for ventilation, exhaust fans, air circulation fans, horizontal air flow fans, have been used in over 80 countries under all conditions. All of our exhaust, circulation fans for barns, industry, agriculture, warehouses, etc. are available in a wide range of voltage. Cooling fans for ventilation and air circulation can lower temp and move large quantities of air.

Our Port-A-Cool Fans provide air circulation and cooling in one unit. Port-A-Cool Fans come in sizes from 16 inch to 48 inch. Port-A-Cool fans can cool and circulate air from 300 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft and multiple units for larger areas. Some have their own sources; other Port-A-Cool fans are connected to hoses. Port-A-Cool Fans are used in every conceivable application for cooling and ventilating basketball courts, sports buildings of all types, very popular in fairgrounds, all industrial, government and institutional cooling. Port-A-Cool is our most diverse, self contained, air circulation and cooling unit. Port-A-Cools are made in US and shipped worldwide. We have many options for sizes and voltage, - practicality of such a complete, portable cooling unit. Portable cooling allows for moving the unit to different locations. Portable coolers are excellent for seasonal use. Popular for personnel and public comfort.

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