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Personnel comfort, animal and plant health odor control.

We have been providing a wide variety of fans since Acme Fan company first introduced the agricultural/horticultural fan and pad cooling system to the world.  Since that time USGR has greatly expanded its market by representing Acme fans in the greenhouse and industrial market, Aerotech fans domestically in the animal, hog and poultry market.   Our representation of Munters/Euroemme fans internationally began in the 1990’s.   Munters/Euroemme’s market is worldwide.   Our representation and delivery of Munters/Euroemme fans have reached hog, poultry, horticulture, agriculture and industrial markets worldwide.   We offer exhaust/air circulation and ventilation fans from 12 inch (37 cm) to 54 inch (138 cm) fan blades. 

Whether you are fan ventilating a structure, exhausting humidity or odors, or circulating air within a structure, USGR can offer you a wide variety of options.   We have staff and associates who have extensive background in controlling the environment of greenhouses, animal environments, agricultural buildings where very precise air movement and circulation is required for proper plant or animal growth.   USGR has engineered and designed environmental control through exhaust fans, ventilation of facility, recirculation systems and environmentally controlling environments in all regions of the world using the Acme Manufacturing & Engineering, Aerotech and Munters/Euroemme products that best meet your requirements.  

In greenhouse/agriculture and some industrial applications we also use the Acme Manufacturing and Engineering/Aerotech/Munters/Euroemme evaporating cooling system to complete maximum cooling without resorting to HVAC.    Acme Manufacturing & Engineering/Aerotech and Munters/Euroemme, in addition to standard exhaust, ventilation and circulation fans, have specialty systems and equipment for specific markets and industries.  

Odor control is an increasing problem in hog and poultry growing, not only for animal health, but for public criticism.  We assist those needing animal ventilation and odor control with special application engineering and design.  If odor control is your main concern, please contact us for assistance for personnel comfort, animal and plant health odor control.

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