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Dosatron is a non-electric proportioner injector. Dosatron injectors have been sold in over 130 countries worldwide. Dosatron injectors are used in greenhouses for injecting a wide variety of chemicals. Dosatron mixing valve meters are easy to install. Dosatron proportioners operate under many different GPM from 7 to 100 ppm. Dosatron system also has a cart injector unit as well. These proportioners are used in industry for proportioning chemicals in manufacturing, mixing and proportioner is even used on fire engines and vehicles where chemicals are mixed with accuracy before spraying. Dosatron proportioner injector has been used for 35 years with extremely low maintenance. The accuracy of the Dosatron injector mixing chamber is the key to the blended solution. We have a variety of injectors that we offer, including the Dosmatic injector as well as the highly accurate Smith proportioner injector.

The principle of the use in agriculture of the Dosatron, Dosmatic and Smith Injectors are for fertilizer injector mixing. Fertilizer injectors are particularly popular with soluble fertilizers. These fertilizer injectors can also mix single element fertilizers. The Dosatron fertilizer injector is used to inject proportioned chemicals for many different industries, as are the fertilizer injectors of the other units we sell.

Dosatron proportioner Medicators are used extensively for health of poultry, hog and other animals. Poultry and animal medicators are available in 5 or 6 different medicator sizes. Dosatron animal and poultry injectors accurately proportion out medication of all types in even blend. Medication proportioning for accurate even spreading of the medications being injected into the water stream. Agriculture is one of the biggest markets for the Dosatron medicator proportioner. The poultry market is the biggest within agriculture. Animals worldwide benefit from the disease control using the Dosatron animal medicator and injector feeder.

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