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J-Plus injectors are ideal for the professional grower who wants to simplify their injection needs. One injector can be configured for multiple chemicals, all at different ratios.

You can't take chances with your crop, so why risk using an unreliable injector for your fertilizer needs? Anderson Injectors are world renowned for their productivity, and reliability-and that's the winning solution for success and savings.

What happens when you add an Anderson Injector to your growing operation? You'll get a consistent accuracy level you never thought possible. And you get a lot of extra time. That's because Anderson Injectors are virtually maintenance free.

Anderson Injectors keep working day after day, year after year. Its not uncommon to hear about Anderson Injectors that are still working fine after thirty years.

What is Positive Displacement?

Many injectors use an inaccurate process called siphoning to inject their water, which leads to uneven accuracy during water treatment. Obviously, the results of siphoning can be disastrous.

Positive Displacement is H.E. Anderson's answer to siphoning inaccuracies. This unique feature allows Anderson Injectors to pump exactly the right amount of chemicals and nutrients into your water.

What is Error-Free Volume Proportioning?

Siphon type and constant speed motor driven injectors do not feed accurately at all pressures and flows. Even expensive feedback type injection systems are subject to errors due to improperly calibrated or dirty probes. And you may not know they are over-feeding until it is too late. Don't roll the dice!

Anderson Injectors include a self-contained metering system that allows for Error-Free Volume Proportioning. That means no matter how, when, or how often you use an Anderson Injector, you'll get accuracy and precision time and time again—without any wear and tear on the pump! The ratio remains exactly how you've set it.

Anderson Ratio:Feeder J Series


  • Positive Displacement & Volume Proportioning
  • Diaphragm Mechanism
  • Models for single or Multiple Solutions
  • Individually Adjustable Feed Rates
  • Adjustable feed rate without recalibration
  • No Sliding Seals
  • No Strainer Required
  • Corrosion Free Design
  • 3/4 to 3000 GPM Flow Through Several Sizes, 30 to 125 PSI


  • Easy Priming
  • Feeds incompatible solutions separately
  • Highly Accurate
  • Unsurpassed Versatility
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Long Life
  • Maintains Accuracy over wide flow & pressure ranges

Anderson J-Plus Series chemical injector packages contain the following items: J-Plus Controller, Water Meter, Pumper Manifold, Pumper (s), and Blend Tank. Package pricing is listed below. Please contact your salesperson for custom systems to meet any specification required.

JP102-2 100 GPM - 1:200 RATIO (2 PUMPER) PACKAGE  $4,303.00
JP101-3 100 GPM -1:100 RATIO (3 PUMPER) PACKAGE  $5,037.00
JP162-2  160 GPM - 1:200 RATIO (2 PUMPER) PACKAGE  $4,749.00
JP161-4 160 GPM -1:100 RATIO (4 PUMPER) PACKAGE  $6,217.00

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