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The Econo Grower

The Super and The Standard
Produced for us by Agra Tech

The most economical Gutter Connected Greenhouse. For those wanting large open bay greenhouses, lighter loads, and extremely economical structures. The Econo Grower is designed for many of the world's growing areas. Great protection against monsoon rains. Competes very well against the low tech greenhouses from Israel and France, but with high quality U.S. components, a much superior poly locking device, and larger capacity gutters.

This excellent US manufactured structure. For user by Agra Tech.

Standard Gutter Height: 3.05m (10 feet). Available to 3.66m (12 feet) depending on weather, soil, and type of foundation.

Coverings: Standard coverings are double layer, air inflated poly roofs. For those looking for the ultimate in economy, the Econo Grower may be purchased with single layer poly for minimal loads. Also available for fiberglass Polycarbonate, and shade and insect screen.

Roof Vent: The Econo Grower can be purchased with or without a roof vent. Instructions for making your manual roof vent are available.

The following other options are available:


  • All high grade galvanized structural steel pipe 50,000 psi yield and 55,000 psi tensile strength rating.
  • Arches 6' on center: 2 3/8", 1 7/8" or 1 5/8" diameter. Size depends upon load and width required.
  • Meets Uniform Building Code. Standards are: 20# and 10# roof loads, 70 m.p.h wind loads.
  • 4" diameter sidewall columns 12' on center, standard. 2 3/8" interior columns 12' on center, standard. Wide spans and heavy loads may use 6' on center.
  • 10 gauge and 12 gauge gutters at sidewalls and interior columns.
  • The Econo grower performs well in all climates. We have houses world wide.
  • Many standard choices to fit your crop, land and load requirements.
    - widths: 35', 30', 27', 24', 21', &18'.
    - Lengths: Any multiple of 12'.
  • Glazing choices : 8mm structured Polycarbonate panels. Corrugated panels of fiberglass or Polycarbonate. Polyethylene or shade cloth and insect screen.
  • Additional units can be easily connected to existing sidewalls or ends at any time.
  • Special loadings and sizes manufactured on request.

Condensate Gathering Purlins protect plants from condensate drip.

  • Purlins on poly houses are placed under the arch to protect the poly from wear.
    • 3 purlins for all Insulators
  • Purlins on rigid glazed houses are placed over the arch to attach the glazing.
    • 3 purlins for Insulator 18'
    • 5 purlins for Insulator 21', & 24'
    • 7 purlins for Insulator 27', & 30'
    • 9 purlins for Insulator 35'

Natural ventilation available

Wall & pad vents
Heavy duty continuous aluminum hinged vent operated by Rack & Pinion drive system. Strong and durable.
Insulator roof vent
Heavy duty continuous aluminum hinge extrusion holds vent and poly in place. Strong and durable Rack & Pinion drive system.
Oxnard polyethylene vent
Maximum ventilation system. Inflatable convection tube at ridge is held within raised steel frame. No. moving parts. Low initial cost.

Many other systems can be integrated into your Econo Grower Greenhouse

  • Benching : Palletized, flood, Rolling, Stationary and Display
  • Energy shield curtain systems for light control, energy savings or blackout
  • Control systems : Computerized, Step, Manual
  • Complete integrated design of all environmental controls and crop transport systems
  • Heating and Cooling Systems

Super Econo Grower - By AgraTech

The Standard Econo Grower Option
Produced For Us By Agra Tech

35', 30', 27', 24', 21' and 18' Wide - Lighter Versions of Our Super Econo Grower
  • Excellent lighter non-code version with most components & advantages of the super
  • Excellent start up house, convert to insulator house as cash flow increases.
  • Options:
    • Gable and framing
    • Agra lock gable extrusions
    • Tie rods and webs
  • Standard Features:
    • 12 ga. gutters
    • 4" diameter sidewall columns 12' on center
    • 2 3/8" arches on the 35', 30' and 27' houses
    • 1 7/8" arches on the 24' house
    • 1 5/8" arches on the 21' and 18' houses
    • 3 purlins on the 35', 30' 27' and 24' houses
    • 1 purlin on the 21' and 18' houses

Agra Tech is also the manufacturers of the worlds leading Poly locking system- Agra Luck. A great company helping us build greenhouses for the world

Inexpensive Poly covered light weight air inflated Econo Grower

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