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Hobby Greenhouses: Bench-Mart Deluxe

Do you have a small space with big sales potential? The Bench-Mart Deluxe offers you a quick and economical way to turn your under-utilized area into a retail focal point. This structure boasts multi-level bench displays and hanging basket purlins for high-volume merchandising. Other features include bench tops, poly covering, and slide-side panels for improved ventilation.

Seasonal Discount Available !


Side Benching Included:
Built-in side brackets and standard bench tops ensure quick merchandising

Hanging Basket Purlins:
Structure comes with two runs of hanging basket purlins and attractively displays baskets conveniently within your customer's reach

Double Swinging End Door:
Your customers will breeze through the wide swinging end doors

Tool-Free Assembly:
Allows you to get your structure up and running without getting up and running around for materials

Slide-Side Ventilation:
An easy manner to provide climate control and air flow for your customers and plant


  • Width: 10'
  • Length: 6L-96' (in 6' sections)
  • Sidewall Height: 5'
  • Height to Apex: 8'- 6"
  • Frame Spacing: 6'
  • Door: Double 2'- 0" w x 6'- 8" high
  • Cover: Clear or white 6 mil. UVI polyethylene
  • End Wall Cover: Clear 6 mil. UVI polyethylene
  • Frame: 1.163" O.D. 17 ga. galvanized steel tubing and 16 ga. galvanized roll-form steel
  • Ventilation: Slide-Side



Size Package price with standard bench tops Package price with expanded metal bench tops
10'x 6' $1,350.00 $1,490.00
10'x 12' $2,080.00 $2,360.00
10'x 18' $2,810.00 $3,230.00
10'x 24' $3,540.00 $4,100.00
6' addt'l. sections $730.00 $870.00


Expanded metal bench top option Expanded Metal Bench Tops:

These bench tops allow you to increase your merchandising options to include smaller products.
Additional end door option Additional End Door:

Add an end door to your structure or improved traffic flow and
customer access between garden center areas
*175 each

Bench Mart Deluxe blueprint

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