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Hobby Greenhouses

U.S. Global Resources takes its 78 years of commercial manufacture distribution using the finest equipment and systems and adapts it to the hobby greenhouse industry. To those who have great interest in the commercial products that we offer, they can now develop their home garden greenhouses to beautify their environment and produce flowers, fruits and vegetables of commercial quality. Our hobby houses have been tested and used for many years by hobby growers, hobbyists and enthusiasts through North America. Home greenhouses enhances the value of your property and gives you the opportunity to produce a wide variety of growing plants in small quantities. USGR is very proud of offer these quality hobby greehouses to our customers in North America.

Hobby houses are useful for the following applications:

  • Home greenhouses
  • Backyard greenhouses
  • Home gardening
  • Small greenhouse
  • Starter greenhouse
  • Cold Frame
  • Mini-Greenhouse

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