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Quonsetter 3000 greenhouse


  • Superior strength ROLL-FORM arches, purlins and gutters insure unmatched structural integrity.
  • Large easy to walk in gutters are lapped one into the other and cantilevered for increased strength.
  • 4' Arch spacing insures maximum strength and reliability.

Interior view of the quonsetter 3000VALUE

  • Components are shipped pre-punched and cut to length simplifying the installation.
  • Rollformed components nest one into the other, during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates.


  • Roof vents - vent hinge allows single sheet of poly to cover gutter to gutter without interruption.
  • Rack & Pinion side vents or end vents.
  • Roll-up side or end wall curtains. Conley's swing, sliding or roll-up door assemblies.
  • Internal retractable shade system. Exhaust fans, circulation fans and evaporative cooling systems.
  • Space heaters, hot water heaters or radiant heat systems.
  • Sationary, portable or rolling bench assemblies.
  • Sace saver sidewall extension.

Quonsetter 3000 blueprint

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