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Sawtooth Greenhouses

saw tooth house

Saw Tooth Greenhouses have always had a place in the industry and fit a variety of needs. Very popular in the 70's and early 80's in the tropics and sub tropics where snow load is not a factor. Now that ventilation is becoming the primary concern of many warm area growers we again offer the Saw Tooth in 20', 26' and 30' widths with standard 8" and 10" sidewalls, also available at extra 12 '. Available in Poly, Fiberglass and Polycarbonate coverings with and without sides and ends. Contact us for more details.

These sawtooth greenhouses are extremely popular in desert regions and tropical climates.   The Sawtooth Greenhouse is extremely easy to erect.   Sawtooth greenhouses are built in at least two gutter connected greenhouses or more.   The Sawtooth Greenhouse lends itself to very high sidewalls and more open ventilation.  

saw tooth house

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