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Waste oil heaters/furnaces more popular today than ever. Very often waste oil is free; therefore it allows you to have free heat. Waste oil heaters/furnaces are used in warehouses, shops, open ventilated areas and have very convenient features. Waste oil heaters/furnaces save money on heating costs, reduce environmental waste. Our waste oil heaters/furnaces burn cleanly and safely. Waste oil heaters/furnaces use waste oil, they are a form of recycling, thereby some uses of waste oil heaters/furnaces are tax free.

Waste oil heaters/furnaces are used in small garages or large corporate operations. Our waste oil heaters/furnaces have a safety disconnect plug. If you are having waste oil hauled away, use it in our waste oil heaters. Some of our waste heaters are portable. Industrial waste oil furnaces are great for trucking companies that have a lot of waste oil.

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