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Munters GP Hanging Air Heaters

For International clients 1 KCal = 3.968 BTU



GP Hanging Air Heater is designed for a wide range of indoor environments, including poultry houses, greenhouses, commercial and industrial premises where the ground surface is scarce. Four hooks (two on each side) make it easy to hang the heater close to the area which requires heating.

The heater works on the principle of indirect combustion with heat exchanger, which ensures clean operation and prevents any emission of exhaust gas into the house. The GP heater can burn wide range of fuels such as diesel, natural gas, LPG or propane (paraffin upon request). It is supplied fully assembled and ready for installation. The standard product line encompasses a wide range of sizes with nominal heating efficiencies around 90%.

Technology Basis

The GP Air Heater works on a principle of indirect combustion with heat exchanger, where the flue gases and the air stream are completely separated. The exhaust gases are ventilated outside the building through the chimney.

The heart of the heater is combustion chamber and the heat exchanger. A powerful fan forces room and/or ambient air at high pressure into the heat exchanger where the air absorbs heat from the flue gases. The warm and dry air is then supplied into the room through the air outlet. The standard type of air outlet has an elliptical design suitable for installation of plastic duct for an optimal distribution of the warm air throughout the desired indoor area.

GP Equipment

  • High efficiency
  • Protected against corrosion (housing is made from pre-coated galvanized steel, combustion chamber and heat exchanger are made from stainless steel)
  • Ready to install
  • Prevention of faulty operation (dual switching safety thermostat controls the fan moter and the burner)
  • Easy to inspect the burning process
  • Easy to operate
  • Different air diffusers are avaliable on request
  • Suitable for diesel, natural gas, LPG or propane (paraffin upon request)


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