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Humidification Equipment

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  • Bareroot Storage
  • Citrus De-greening Humidification
  • Cold Room Produce Storage
  • Concrete Block / Paving Stone Curing
  • Concrete Structured Shape Curing
  • Greenhouse Humidification
  • Hot Environment Worker
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Industrial Cooling / Humidification
  • Industrial Chemical Fogging
  • Industrial Evaporative Spot Cooling
  • Large Area Indoor Fumigation
  • Livestock Sterilization Fumigation
  • Manufacturing Plant Dust Control
  • Mfg. Plant Static Electricity Control
  • Mfg. Plant Humidification Control
  • Mfg. Plant Spot Evaporative Cooling
  • Potato Storage
  • Printing Plant Humidification
  • Rotational Mold Cooling
  • Textile Plant Humidification
  • Tobacco Conditioning
  • Vegetable Storage Humidification
  • Warehouse Storage Humidification
  • Wine Storage Humidification
  • Wood and Lumber Conditioning
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  • Bench top and hanging models
  • Amusement Park Evaporative Cooling
  • Competition Horses and Animals
  • Festival People Cooling
  • (Retail) Greenhouse Cooling / Humidification
  • Hobby Greenhouse Cooling / Humidification
  • Orchid Growing
  • Outdoor Event Evaporative Cooling
  • Patio Cooling
  • Recreational Evaporative Cooling
  • Research Test Chamber Humidification
  • Sports Athletes
  • Wine Storage Humidification
  • Zoo Animal Evaporative Cooling



  • Odor Control Product Atomization

All units accept ordinary water supply, even well or pond water without risk of fogging. Secret is in the nozzle-free flushing design. Units can be run continuously.

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