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Horticultural Applications
for Humidification Equipment

Greenhouse Cooling - Greenhouse Humidification
- Greenhouse Chemical Application

Aquafog® fogging units excel in the greenhouse growing industry with dependability, ease of installation and low cost. Humidity, cooling and, low-volume chemical application are among the countless uses for good-quality fog in the greenhouse.

Applications include Propagation, Plug production, Tissue culture, Orchid growing, Transplant shock reduction, Graft union healing and Bare root storage, to name a few. The very quiet Aquafog 700 is perfectly suited for the retail greenhouses and residential hobby size greenhouses. The CRSM is a definite winner when it comes to chemical or pesticide fogging, as stated by one of our CRSM owners

The key fogging equipment that is generally used for...

Retail & Hobby-size greenhouse Cooling and Humidification - Aquafog 700

Outdoor Patio & Event evaporative cooling - Aquafog 700

Mid-large Greenhouse Cooling/Humidification - XE-2000, XE-1000, XE-1500 for 50Hz, XE-500, XE-660 for 50Hz
Mid-large scale greenhouse pesticiding - XE-CRSM

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