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PAK Hardware / Accesories

Things you need to get your project going. To assist you in the installation of your fabric, PAK has assembled a variety of useful hardware accessories. We choose items that professional installers recommend as their preferred components and also have the right mix of performance to value.

PAK accessories

H.01 Poly Repair Tape (4" & 6")

Prevent poly rips from becoming worse with this high UV resistant polyethylene film tape backed with high tack, weather resistant acrylic adhesive. Use to patch all types of poly greenhouse covers.

H.02 Webbing Tape

Durable, UV stabilized, woven polypropylene fabric tape used to reinforce edges and seams of fabric panels. Available in 1.75" or 2.75" width by 300' or 1,500' length rolls. Extra heavy duty.

H.03 PAKGuard Tape

This polyester/felt tape helps extend the life of greenhouse coverings by reducing chafing and wear from arches or truss supports. Available in 1.5" x 40' rolls.

PAK accessories

H.04 Brass Grommets

Solid brass, high polish eyelets used to reinforce fabric panels and provide a secure grip for attach ing fabric to cable lines.

H.05 #42 S-Hooks

Galvanized, high tensile steel hooks used to attach fabric panels to structural wires and cable lines. Available in cases of 1,000 and drums of 5,000.

H.06 Birdtex Clips

Lightweight, easy to use plastic clips attach fabrics to cable lines and speed the installation of bird and hail netting. Available in bags of 200.

PAK accessories

H.07 Cable Ties

Used for attaching fabrics to cable lines or poles. High tensile strength. Available in bags of 100.

H.08 Carabiner Clip

Steel carabiner clip for hanging fabric or netting to cable. Better than S-hooks and easier to remove than a hog ring. No crimping or special tools needed.

H.09 Fabric Clips

Polyethylene butterfly-style clips for easy attachment of knit shade fabrics or netting to cable lines. Available in bags of 200.

PAK accessories

H.10 Hog Ring

1" Galvanized Rings used to attach shade cloth to support wires or cables.

H.11 Hog Ring Pliers

Pliers used for attaching hog rings. Made of malleable iron casting with aluminum paint finish.

PAK accessories

H.12 Earth Anchors

Galvanized, screw-in anchors for securing cable lines to the ground. Size: 4' shaft with 8" plate. Available in 4x6, 4x8 & 5x6.

H.13 Ground Staples

6" double-leg, steel pins used to secure woven ground cover or other fabrics to the ground. Available in cases of 1,000. Available in multiple sizes.

H.14 8" Penny Nails and Washers

8" long iron nails used for securing ground cover fabric to soil in areas where the ground is hard.

PAK accessories

H.15 Coated Steel Cable

High strength, seven strand, coated galvanized steel cable available in 3/8" and 1/4" diameter. Special order only.

H.16 Plastic Wire

We stock 15 & 18 gauge plastic wire. Sold by the pound. Used to support fabrics or for special application bird deterrence.

H.17 Poly Rope

Black, UV treated polypropylene rope used for attaching fabric panels to various types of installations. Available in 600' rolls. White braided cord in 3,000' rolls is also available.

PAK accessories

H.18 Thimble Eye Nut & Bolt

Galvanized steel thimble eye nuts, bolts and square curved washers designed to reduce cable damage from bending or kinking.

H.19 Turnbuckles

Galvanized steel coupling device threaded at both ends with two rods to adjust cable tension or length. Hook & hook or hook & eye.

H.20 U-Bolts & Cable Clamps

Heavy duty steel U-bolts and cable clamps are available for shadehouse construction.

PAK accessories

H.21 Square or Rounded Galvanized Poles

Galvanized steel poles for use in building your structure are available from PAK in a variety of sizes. Call for details.

H.22 Guy Wrap

Guy wraps twist around the end of a cable line to allow easier cable anchoring or attachment. Various lengths are available.

H.23 1200 lb. Come-a-long (Winch)

Portable and durable for cable-tightening with a compact lightweight design. Invaluable in the field.

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