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About Polyflex Agricultural Field Irrigation Pipe

The Polyflex agricultural poly pipe meets the needs of agriculture worldwide.   Our field poly pipe is used for a diverse number of crops. 

  • Best flexible irrigation pipe 
  • Poly pipe is available in white and blue
  • Polyflex is used in all typical level plant farming
  • Our agricultural field poly pipe is used for flooding
  • Also our poly pipe is used for row irrigation in connection with gate valves
  • Poly pipe is popular in a wide variety of field irrigation and flooding. 
  • Our poly pipe systems are used in a wide variety of crops, some of the most popular being sugar cane, soybeans, rice, corn, cotton to name only a few.  

Wherever flood or row irrigation is needed, our Polyflex agricultural field irrigation pipe is extremely desirable.   Polyflex agricultural field irrigation pipe is very inexpensive and saves a tremendous amount of water.    The Polyflex field poly pipe is easy to install, is long lasting and brings irrigation costs down. 

All gate valves are adjustable for precise adjusting of irrigation and control of water flow.   A great advantage of evaporation and percolation.   IT IS NOT USED TO TRANSFER WATER OVER HILLS OR UP LONG GRADES.   A light rise is possible.    But on a level or slight downgrade the product is amazing.  

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