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for Your
Port-A-Cool® unit



Cart for 16" Unit

Stock # PAC-ACC-30
(Unit not included).
Increases ease of mobility
for a 16" Port-A-Cool® unit.
Cart for 16" Port-a-Cool

Vinyl Cover

Cover for 16" unit
Stock #PAC-CVR-02

Cover for 36" unit & 24" unit
Stock #PAC-CVR-01

Cover for 48" unit
Stock #PAC-CVR-03

Covers for Port-a-Cool

MK-47 Mineral Knockout

Mineral treatment
Stock #MK-47-CS

MK-47 helps keep minerals in
solution by changing the
ionic structure of the mineral
particles. Therefore,
minerals will less likely detach
from the solution (water
source) and form a buildup.
6 bottles per box.

MK 47 mineral knockout - mineral treatment for water for Port-a-Cool system

Caster Kit

Caster Kit for 36" and 24" unit
(4 per carton)
Stock # CASTER-KIT-02
Comes standard with 48" unit

Casters for 24-inch and 36-inch Port-a-Cool units

for Ducting

(16" unit only)
Stock # PAC-ADP-16

For ducting airflow of the 16"
Port-A-Cool® unit
into targeted areas for more
effective spot cooling.
(Ducting not included)

Ducting adapter for 16-inch Port-a-Filler

Port -A-Filler

Stock # PAC-ACC-01
50 gallon water tank. Totally portable water supply for 48", 36" and 24" Port-A-Cool® units.

Port-a-Filler - 50 gallon water tank

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