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The Quick Sprouter

Seed E-Z's answer to quicker germination-more uniform and stronger seedlings. Our chamber is 66 1/2 high, 24' wide, 96" long and holds 96 flats, 21 1/2 " x 11 1/4". It is electrically heated in the interior base by a 1000 watt heating element. The element heats a large stainless steel pan of water (10 gallons) built into the base creating humidity, maintaining heat and avoiding dry spots: referred to by leading horticulturists as a "sweat" chamber. Lights not necessary for sweat chambers, Enables faster and better germination. The base pan has a float valve which will automatically keep the pan full of water. The thermostat is outside the chamber for convenience of checking. All five sides are double insulated, bronze polygal to conserve heat. Two sides are removable for easy loading and unloading. The shelves are also removable and the unit can be used for sales display. It is manufactured for heavy gauge steel (painted) which allows outside storage when not in use. Sturdy wheels afford mobility. Can be assembled in 15 minutes without any tools except for wheels. Simplicity and affordability.

200 sq. Deep
.937" sq.
288 sq. Deep
.812" sq.
392 sq.
.625" sq.
406 sq.
.625" sq.
512 sq.
.562" sq.

The commercial 96 flat propagation germination chamber.

  • Faster and better germination.
  • More uniform and stronger seedlings.
  • Holds 96 flats (21 1/2" x 11 3/4")
  • Electrically heated - 1000 Watt heating element.
  • In stainless steel pan - holding 10 gallons water.
  • Creates humidity, maintains heat, avoids dry spots. Lights not necessary in sweat chamber.
  • Thermostat on outside controls inside temperature.
  • Double insulated with bronze polygal.
  • Two sides are removable for easy loading.
  • Removable shelves
  • Heavy gauge steel (Painted) 565 lbs.
  • Wheels for mobility.
  • Can be assembled in 15 minutes, no tools except for the wheels.
  • 66 1/2" high, 24" wide and 96" long.
  • Float valve automatically keeps pan full of water.

Minimum order 100 plug flats. Order in multiples of 100 Shipped with Quick Sprouter.

In all cases, please state your electrical voltage requirements.

All units are built to order per your requirements, so please allow four weeks for delivery.

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