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Plant Growth /
Germination Cabinets

Plant growth and germination cabinets are based on the cooled incubators detailed below. Day and night conditions are automatically simulated and can be easily programmed.

Germination CabinetsTemperature Control

All plant growth cabinets use the same temperature control systems as the cooled incubators on which they are based. Temperature performance can be marginally affected during the "lights on" cycle due to a small amount of heat from the lights radiating into the growth chamber. The temperature is cycled using a 24 hour timer.


All models are fitted with a digital 24 hour timer to control the day/night cycle of lights on and off. Each incubator door is fitted with one pair of white fluorescent tubes. These give a lighting intensity of approximately 3000 lux on each shelf. For higher lighting intensities and specialised applications, extra lights or UV lamps can be added. All lights are mounted in the outer door which is vented at the top and bottom. This means that the unwanted heat can escape into the laboratory. Cabinets fitted with four or more lights in each door also have a small extract fan in the door to help remove heat. This helps to maintain stable control, especially at lower operating temperatures.

High Humidity Models

Two models (SL2 & SL3) are sealed chamber versions of models PL2 and PL3 respectively and should be used for high humidity applications.

Optional Extras

  • Chart recorder.
  • Audible alarm.
  • Humidity control.
  • Remote alarm contacts.
  • Additional light available by quotation.
Models PL2 & SL2 PL3 & SL3 PL33 LT601L LT1201L
Temperature* Range (lights off)
                          Range (lights on)
                          Control (lights off)
                          Variation (lights off)
0°C to +60°C
+5° C to + 60°C
Typically ±0.2°C*
Typically ±0.5°C*
R12 or CFC -free
0°C to +50°C
+5° C to + 50°C
Typically ±0.2°C*
Typically ±0.5°C*
Timers for Cycling Digital 24 hour as standard,
(7 day alternative if specified)
Construction Chamber
                         Access Port
Stainless steel
White painted steel
Standard, 2 x 12mm
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Standard, lockable
Standard, 12mm
Foamed in place
Chamber Capacity (litres) 150 320 730 600 1275
Dimensons (mm) External H 1075 1745 1745 1980 1980
                                             W 635 635 1270 710 1420
                                             D 660 660 660 800 800
Max. Internal                      H 590 1275 1275 1480 1480
                                            W 510 510 1140 590 1300
                                            D 490 490 490 650 650
Shelves Supplied 4 6 6 5 10
Weight (kg) 100 145 250 125 190
Power Rating (W) 900 900 1250 900 1700
* Temperature specification for Models PL2 & SL2 at 20°C ambient.

Custom Built Rooms

Reach in RoomReach-in and Walk-in rooms are designed and built using experience gained in over 45 years of temperature control in incubator design.

Rooms will meet very high performance criteria at a competitive price. Temperature stability performance of better than ±1 °C and a humidity control of ±3% are typical.

Alarm and monitoring of the room parameters can be conveniently achieved using the LAM100 system

A NAMAS traceable calibration certificate is available with every temperature controlled room.


All rooms are constructed from interlocking insulated panels incorporating polyurethane foam insulation of between 60mm and 100mm thickness, dependant on the specification requirements. These panels meet or exceed European specifications for `fire retardation' and `surface spread of flames'.

Floors are normally insulated and given a nonslip finish for safety. Specialist finishes are also available. Some applications can be specified without an insulated floor.

Internal and external wall surfaces are usually of corrosion resistant steel finished in a food safe plastic laminate. Stainless steel is recommended when the room is to be humidified or possibly exposed to potentially corrosive vapours.

Hinged doors have an external lock and an internal safety release mechanism. Sliding doors can also be fitted to larger rooms.

Temperature Control

Rooms with operating control from -20°C to above +40°C have all been successfully installed. Incubator rooms typically have temperature control to better than 1°C.

Microprocessor controllers automatically call for heating or cooling only as required, in order to achieve optimum temperature stability with maximum operating efficiency. (This is in marked contrast to other systems which constantly overcool and then have to add excessive heating power in order to achieve the required temperature).

For cooled incubator and refrigerator applications direct cooling is usually specified. Indirect cooling, where chilled water is circulated through a heat exchanger, is often the method of choice in humidified rooms. An over temperature safety thermostat is always fitted as standard.

Humidity Control

Walk in RoomEnvironmental applications requiring humidity control are commonly found in the
pharmaceutical and materials testing industries. A microprocessor controller regulates the ultrasonic fine mist humidity generator to increase the humidity within the room only as required. This gives the system outstanding accuracy and economy in use. The humidity generator has no moving parts, giving it improved reliability .

Lighting Control

Rooms for use in seed germination and plant propagation will require specialised shelving and lighting control. Overhead lights are automatically switched on and off at predetermined times in order to simulate day and night conditions. Rooms for this application will always have cooling and dual temperature cycling as standard.


An extensive range of shelving is available for use in these rooms. Shelving can be made from stainless steel, aluminium, chrome plated wire, etc. dependant on user requirements.

Additionally, a wide selection of internal fittings can be supplied, including standard benching, sinks and fume extract units. Alternatively, The rooms can be supplied empty to take the customer's own fixtures and fittings.

Optional Extras

  • Chart recorder.
  • Panic alarms.
  • Alarm monitoring see pages 10 to 11.
  • Various types of racking and shelves.

Ultrasonic ControlHumidity Cabinets: Ultrasonic Control

This comprehensive range of humidity cabinets includes both active RH control and saturated salt models.


All cabinets have stainless steel interiors fitted with adjustable shelves. All SF models have sealed chambers making them suitable for humidities up to 98%. LT models do not have sealed chambers and their use is restricted to a narrower range of humidity control. SF models can have an outer door heater to demist the inner toughened glass viewing door. CFC-free polyurethane insulation provides very efficient thermal stability in all models. Two 12mm access ports are provided as standard.

Specification - Ultrasonic Control Types
Models SFC2C/RH | SFC3C/RH
Directly Cooled

LT601/RH | LT1201/RH
Directly Cooled
Temperature Range
+5°C to +50°C
±0.5°C at +20°C
±0.5°C at +20°C
+5°C to +50°C
±0.5°C at +20°C
±0.5°C at +20°C
Humidity  Range
30% to 98% RH 40% to 95% RH
Typically ±30% RH at +20°C operating temperature
Dimensons (Max. mm)External   H 1075 1745 1980 1980
                                                        W 635 635 710 1420
                                                        D 660 660 950 800
                                        Internal  H 590 1275 1480 1480
                                                       W 510 510 590 1300
                                                        D 490 490 650 650
Chamber Capacity (L) 150 320 600 1275
Shelves Supplied 4 6 5 10
Weight (kg) 100 145 125 190
Power Rating (W) 800 850 600 1275
* Temperatures down to +10°C using optional extra cooling unit.
** Temperatures specification at 20°C ambient.

Humidity Cabinets: Salt Solution

Temperature Control

Monitoring and control of both heating and cooling functions is performed with great accuracy, and achieves typical temperature stability of ±0.5°C. The LED digital display allows the temperature performance to be easily verified. A digitally set over temperature safety cutout is fitted to all models.

Humidity Control (Ultrasonic Type)

All /RH models are fitted with an ultrasonic fine mist humidity generator located in the airflow. The microprocessor controller accurately monitors and adjusts the chamber humidity level. All RH models are able to dehumidify as well as increase humidity.

It should be noted that not all combinations of humidity and temperature are possible. Temperature and humidity performance varies according to the combination selected. Please contact us for advice on which model will best meet your requirements.

Typical Operating Range - for Model SFC3C/RH with ultrasonic humidifier

Typical Operating Range

Humidity Control (Salt Solution Type)

Salts-type SF models rely on forced evaporation from trays containing known saturated salt solutions. This is a simple and reliable method of humidity control.

Specification - Ultrasonic Control Types

Models SFC2
Directly Cooled
Temperature Range**
Ambient +5°C to +60°C
±0.2°C at +37°C
±0.5°C at +37°C
+5°C to +60°C
±0.2°C at +20°C
±0.5°C at +20°C
Humidity  Range
0% to 98% using appropriate saturated salt solution
Dimensons (Max. mm)External   H 880 1550 1075 1745
                                                        W 635 635 635 635
                                                        D 660 660 660 660
                                        Internal  H 590 1275 590 1275
                                                       W 510 510 510 510
                                                        D 490 490 490 490
Chamber Capacity (L) 150 320 150 320
Shelves Supplied 4 6 4 6
Weight (kg) 75 120 100 145
Power Rating (W) 200 250 800 850
* Temperatures down to +10°C using optional extra cooling unit.
** Temperatures specification at 20°C ambient.

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