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Our seeders and seeding equipment machines come in a wide variety of sizes to plant many innumerable types of seeds, dispensing the seeds equally through the tray seeder or into individual cells. Our seed dispensing and planting equipment and machines can do many different quantities of seeds. The manual seeders can do from 100 flats in an hour to the large seed processing equipment that can do up to several thousand trays per hour. Our seed processing, seed dispenser, planters, dibblers and tray seeders allow for variable adjustments to accommodate pots and trays. When using a seed dispenser, accuracy is required as it is with any seed planters, whatever type of seed is used so that over-seeding is not done. Accuracy of seeding is provided and volume of trays per hour can be easily changed with the seed dispenser planter seeders. We have seed dispenser planters and seeder processing equipment for commercial institution and research and development uses.

Dibblers are used to dibble or indent the tray before the seeder drops the seed through the seed dispenser and the dibbler in addition to dibbling the hole should be a continuous seed processing system where after the dibbler has drilled the hole, the seeders released the seed, then soil will cover where the dibbler made the hole. The entire seed process is the seed dispenser, and seed planter for seeding pots and trays using a wide variety of different sized seed and equipment is then incorporated into the general seed processing line and connected to soil handling system.

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