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Electric Soil Sterilizers

SS-15 SS-30 SS-60
SS-15 SS-30 SS-60


Kill weeds and disease in your soil or growing mix safely, economically, quickly with PRO-GROW sterilizers. Choose the size you need from 1/2 cubic yard capacity down to one cubic foot.

All units have heavy gauge aluminum tubes to hold the heating element. All stainless steel interiors are available at extra cost. Call for quotes if you want stainless steel.

Model# Soil
24 Hr.
Current Size/Inches Ship.
SS-15 1/8 Cubic Yd. One Cubic Yd. 12.5 Amps @ 120 Volts 33 x 17 x 16 90 lbs.
SS-30 1/4 Cubic Yd. 2 Cubic Yds. 12.5 Amps @ 240 Volts 33 x 32 x 16 180 lbs.
SS-60 1/2 Cubic Yd. 4 Cubic Yds. 25 Apms @ 240 Volts 61 x 32 x 16 230 lbs.
  • Eliminates Weeds and Dsease - Simply select the correct sterilizing temperature.
  • Fast and Positive - When selected temperature is reached the Sterilizer automatically shuts off.
  • Safe and Economical - Electric soil sterilization has no hazards from hot steam or dangerous chemicals. Sterilize for pennies a batch.

An economical, safe and fast method to eliminate weeds and disease from soil or any growing medium. The soil sterilization equipment is filled to the top of the container and then the unit is plugged in. The thermostat is then set to the correct sterilizing temperature. The indicator light will glow until the batch is done. After the light goes off wait 15 minutes, then pick up the unit and the sterilized soil will drop out the bottom. Heavy gauge aluminum tube to hold heating element.

  • Eliminate Weeds and Disease: Kills weeds practically 100%, kills all soil-borne insects and, in general, all of the bacteria, fungi and virus organisms that are harmful to commercial crops.
  • Safe and economical: No hazards from hot steam or dangerous chemicals.
  • Portable: Use inside or outside any place your electrical cord will reach. Available with a 25' optional cordset.
  • Easy to Use: Fill the sterilizer to the top of the box. Plug the sterilizer cord into your electrical outlet. Set the thermostat to the correct sterilizing temperature. The indicator light will glow until the batch is done. When the indicator light turns off, leave the soil in the sterilizer for another 15 minutes. Pick the sterilizer up and the soil will drop through the open bottom. Standard units have aluminized steel exterior and interior (ss). Custom units have aluminized tubes (sst).
  • Standard Unit SS: Aluminized Steel Exterior and Interior and Stainless Steel Heating Tubes.
  • 25' Cordset: Available $0.00 additional with the SS & SST-15 (part#220). $0.00 additional with the SS & SST-60, XP-70 (part #89042).

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