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Agricultural, Storage, Operational
and Head Houses
Including Large Water, Chemical
and Dry Storage Tanks

Permanent Buildings, Seasonal Use Buildings,
and Temporary Use Buildings

We offer a wide range of structures for all types of agricultural storage buildings and product storage buildings, including animal confinement buildings, such as hog houses, poultry houses, etc. Our buildings are used for head houses, product trying storage for a wide variety of industrial products, industrial storage buildings, and equipment storage buildings. We offer very wide and tall buildings for storage for grains equipment.

The uses and types of our buildings cover many industries and are designed to meet your particular requirements for nay climate and area of the world.

We can also provide environmental controls for these buildings including heating ventilation, cooling, humidity control and in many cases, we can provide internal operating systems. If we do not have a particular type of operating system, we can direct you to those who can provide same.

If you require engineered specifications to meet local codes, this service can be provide with stamped drawings for most localities.

As we provide a wide variety of greenhouses for plant vegetable and animal growing the buildings are adaptable for many other uses. Therefore, they are very economical easy to erect and can be shipped worldwide from our various factories.

Large headhouse with offices, packing, shipping,
refrigeration - completely drive through
USGR can handle your head house needs, some of which are as follows:
  • Large or Small facilities
  • High and low tech facilities
  • Structures for tropical areas and arctic climates
  • Dry storage of product
  • Warehouses for all types of use
  • Agricultural product storage and climate control to meet each individual product need.
  • A specialty are head houses, connected to or separate from the agricultural buildings or greehouses
  • Poultry and hog buildings inluding systems
  • Dairy barn building
  • Grain handling buildings and facilities
  • Water storage tanks, including dry and chemical storage
  • Government plant research warehouses
  • Mushroom growing facilities
  • Livestock houses

USGR is always there to assist you in making your investment productive and profitable.

U.S. Globla Resources has been in business over 60 years and supplied structures and environments to over 50 countries as a result of our knowledge of plant and animal growing and storage of crops.

Headhouse Capabilities

  • Headhouses, all types, sizes, and purposes
  • Poultry and Hog Buildings and Systems
  • Dairy Barn Buildings and Systems
  • Product Storage Units
  • Grain Handling and Storage - particularly rural and farm Storage Systems
  • Fruit and Vegetable, Forestry, and Flower Refrigeration and Storage
  • Water Storage - Tanks of all sizes, provided separately or as part of an integrated irrigation system or with product storage structures.
  • Headhouses for Green and Nursery projects
  • Swimming Pool and large Residential applications

Recent Projects of Note

  • Warehousing - we recently designed a rural customs clearing warehouse for an airport, including modular offices.
  • General - Project warehouse including fruit and vegetable refrigeration and offices
  • Boiler Room and Agricultural Systems Building for a large Greenhouse project.
  • Government Plant Research warehouses, offices, and field laboratory at different locations.
  • Garden Center - Environmentally controlled garden center attached to an office and research center
  • Display and Show areas for retail and exhibition use
  • consulting Project for Engineering and Design of Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Irrigation of exhibition area for a Botanical Garden.
  • Mushroom growing facilities
  • Herb growing on roof of building

Stand alone headhouse - boiler room warehouse etc.

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