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Greenhouse and Agricultural Ventilation

Single end wall vent on nexus greenhouse
Single end wall vent on nexus greenhouse

Greenhouse ventilation means many things to different people. To some it is air conditioning with fan and pad cooling. With others it is natural ventilation, using roll-up sidewalls, automatic ventilators for roof, sides and ends. One popular method is the Fan-Jet exhaust/fan ventilation system. Other methods use exhaust fan with automatic or motorized shutters. Some ventilation is the use of insect or predator natural ventilation with air moving through the screen by natural wind action. Ventilation systems are also used to protect greenhouses during cold temperatures to prevent cold air from infiltrating into the house.

Double side wall vent use

Vents are used for both natural and mechanical ventilation systems. They include:

Special systems are designed and available for a wide variety of uses in agricultural and greenhouse buildings.

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