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Side Wall Vents
Gable End Wall Vents
(for new or existing structures)

  • Side wall vents with inside lifiting
    Sidewall vents with inside lifting

    Sidewall vents with outside lifting
    Side wall vents with outside lifting

    3' (91 cm) or 5 .25 ft (162 cm) single or double motorized vents with or without Manual override or just manual. Many covering options.
  • Roll Up sidewalls - Manual or Mechanical. All types and qualities of Poly/Screen/Heavy film, Blackout, etc. For Plant, Poultry, Hog, and Animal uses.
  • Inflatable Tube or Double Poly roll up vents.
  • Motorized Shutters of all sizes.
  • Guillotine/vertical now available
  • 36 inch, 48 inch and 60 inch widths are standard.
  • Can be installed as single or double height.
  • With or without manual overdrive or just manual.
  • Many covering options.
  • Rollup side walls, manual or mechanical.
  • All types and quality.
  • Available with poly, insect screen, corrugated and twin wall polycarbonate.
  • Also used for poultry and hog curtains.
  • Rack and pinion style to fit most greenhouses manufactured.
  • Inflatable tube or double poly vent as noted
  • Standard automatic rollup vents
  • Great for curtains, poly, insect screen.
  • NEW VERTICAL LIFTING RACK AND PINION. Moves vents up and down vertically to offer maximum opening.

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