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Wall Shutters

Flo-Master Wall shutters
Flo Master end wall vent on Quonsetter for seed
production house Jacklin Seed

Flo-Master Aluminum Wall Shutters

  • Corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum frame.
  • Precision counterbalanced aluminum blades open easier, wider to permit higher fan capacity.
  • Nylon bearings throughout are corrosion proof to help prevent sticking. Suitable for dusty or humid applications.
  • Stainless steel hinge pins will not rust, insure easy positive blade action.
  • All shutter blades are reinforced with polished galvanized steel rods, and equipped with double tie - rods.
  • Automatic - Used with exhaust fans, opens automatically when fan is on, closes automatically when fan is off.
  • Keeps out wind, rain and back drafts when fan is not in operation.

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