Retail Benches

Greenhouse Benches, Nursery Benches,

Production Benches, Display Benches

USGR has been instrumental in the development of moveable bench systems
and introducing new innovative bench materials and accessories since 1970.

We offer design and engineering to assist you in selecting the right
benches and system to fit your use and facility. Please provide as much
detail as possible about your needs.

  • Greenhouse benches and nursery benches (Dura and Dura Ultra)
  • Retail tables
  • Heavy-duty product benches
  • From the Low Tech Econo Bench to High Tech Aluminum Top
  • Warehouse benches, store benches
  • Specialize in institutional and educational installations
  • Ebb and flo benches
  • Display benches, heavy duty plastic
  • Display benches, aluminum and metal



Standard bench top materials sold individually or as part of a greenhouse package.


U.S. Global Resources has a complete range of bench systems for your application, including:

  • Free Standing Benches – stands on concrete floor or footings into concrete.
  • Stationary Benches – now moveable as well! Come in aluminum, galvanized, heavy duty plastic, or angle iron.
  • Floating Aisle Benches – Rolling Benches to maximize your growing area.
  • Ebb and Flo Benches – wide variety of systems.
  • Econo Benches – our newest system with the Channel Bench Top.
  • Retail Store Benches and Display Benches
  • High Density Plastic Benches – all sizes, types, moveable, many uses.
  • Wire Frame Benches – allows internal spacing of heat and irrigation lines
  • Warehouse product storage racks.

Bench Tops

Tops are available in various materials. We use expanded metal as our standard bench top unless another material is requested. Also available are welded wire, coated wire, Ebb & Flo, and the new channel bench top.


Expanded metal manufactured to width – just lay on or in bench SOLD separately on request

See very informative picture album Click here.

Bench design considerations