About Display Benches Display Racks



Retail display benches and racks are available in many different sizes, shapes and material to meet a wide variety of retail home improvement centers, garden centers, garden nurseries. Our display benches and racks meet the requirements of many industries. The focus of most display benches and racks are for retail, flower and plant stores. You will find our product display products vary in size, type and strength. We have an outstanding hanging basket display rack. Our display benches come pre-assembled in a wide variety of sizes for displaying all types of products.

Our metal display racks are used extensively in the garden center and retail nursery business. Many of the plant racks that we offer are also on wheels. These racks can be used year around or easily disassembled for seasonal rack use.

We offer the very heavy duty black plastic display benches, marketed under the name Benchmaster, that you see in many home improvement center stores, grocery stores, and major retailers worldwide. These display benches are exceptionally strong and can carry a tremendous amount of weight. Whatever product you are displaying, whether it is lightweight small plant or a bench carrying extremely heavy weight, we have lengths, widths and configurations to meet your needs. Benchmaster is the heaviest weight bench offered for displaying most products. These Benchmaster benches are available in tiered, round, stair step, etc.

For those wishing for us to design a display area layout, we have the ability to meet those requirements. Many of our display benches are also used by hobby growers for not only displaying plants but also as a growing bench.

Many of our display benches are available on wheels/casters for easy mobility.

Many of our metal display benches are available in a wide variety of configurations, tiered, etc.

Many of our display benches and racks are available powder coated and some have shade coverings to protect the plants from direct sun.

Display benches are designed for high capacity merchandising and display racks for maximum plant exposure. Angle plant display benches allow easy viewing by the public. We have circular and impact displays.

One of our new, most popular systems is our automatic watering display bench. These automatic watering display benches insure your plants get even watering and reduce labor costs as they come with either ebb and flo or watermat watering systems. New to the industry but rapidly meeting with great acceptance.