About Ebb Flow Benches


Ebb & Flow bench popularity is increasing for flood hydroponic growing.

The ebb and flow bench is a hydroponic system using ebb and flo plastic tops on greenhouse benches. They are also referred as ebb and flood trays and ebb and flood tables. The ebb and flo bench tops are made of plastic. The ebb and flow system utilizes a flooding of the ebb and flo trays; depending upon container size and crop, after irrigation water is removed from the ebb and flo trays by special drainage and either recirculated or discharged.

The standard ebb and flood tables for Europe are growing in popularity in the U.S. Because of the weight of the water in the ebb and flo flood trays, a strong under bench system is necessary.

Ebb and flow hydroponic tables greatly reduce labor.

Ebb and flow trays can be purchased separately. Ebb and flow trays are made of high density plastic. We ship the ebb and flow trays worldwide from Europe and have many tray sizes in U.S. warehouse. Trays are made to fit over 30 sizes of greenhouse benches.

Bench design considerations