About Greenhouse Nursery Benches


Greenhouse benches are available in many different styles, widths, lengths and materials used. The same is true of our nursery benches. We offer greenhouse benches as stationary greenhouse benches and rolling benches. Greenhouses benches are available with different tops. Nursery benches are built for durable outdoor use. We have special greenhouses benches for retail, institution or wholesale production. We can engineer, design and build greenhouse benches and nursery benches to fit your space to provide greenhouse/nursery production. We build our greenhouse benches and nursery benches to fit various crop loads. Greenhouse benches come with various heights of side or end rails. Ebb and flow greenhouse benches are growing rapidly in demand and require special greenhouse bench construction.

We have a large variety of bench tables for hobby greenhouses. Hobby benches come in many sizes and shapes to maximize hobby greenhouse production. Hobby greenhouses benches are available in single layer, double layer, triple layer.

  • Rolling retail and production benches – special design for institutions. These tables have movable/rolling tops. Rolling bench tables must be minimum 4.5 ft wide. Rolling production benches can be made to cover up to 84% of ground area. Rolling and production benches come with expanded metal, welded wire and ebb and flo tops.
  • Heavy duty nursery benches are for inside and outside growing and display. These nursery benches can bear a lot of weight and can handle very large nursery pots. As many nursery benches are used outdoors, they are very durable and weatherable.
  • Stationary greenhouse benches provide maximum personnel flow. Like the rolling production benches, come with expanded metal, welded wire and ebb and flo. Stationary benches can be mounted on concrete or into concrete. When used as institutional benches, special corners and sides can be installed. Stationary benches are most popular for hobby, research and institutional, schools.
  • Rolling top benches can be mounted on concrete or into concrete footings. Rolling top tables provide maximum growth. These rolling top greenhouse tables are fastest selling in the market today to increase production.
  • Ebb and Flo flood benches!!We are leaders in ebb and flo technology. Ebb and Flo flood Benches technology comes from Europe. Ebb and Flo flood benches are used for pots, trays and large containers. Ebb and Flo flood bench tops can be mounted on existing rolling top tables, stationary benches and even on retail display benches.
  • Plastic benches!! – basically for retail display and institutional use . You will see plastic benches used in retail, garden centers, home improvement centers, grocery stores for stacking very heavy product. Plastic display benches are easily assembled and unassembled for season benches. Plastic bench tables are mounted on flat surfaces and unlike many benches, have good air flow through the tops. Very popular with nurseries.
  • Display benches!! – Available as plastic display benches or metal display benches. Display benches available for all types of product. Display benches come in various shapes and display product for easy viewing of product. Display benches can be assembled quickly. Both plastic and metal display benches have extremely long life.
  • Dura Bench – Outstanding plastic bench top. Excellent for those building their own benches. For retail and nursery. Dura Bench is a plastic bench especially designed for growing plants. Dura Bench material can support very heavy product. Most people buying Dura Bench build their own benches, using concrete block, angle iron, etc. Dura Bench panels available in 2 x 4 ft pieces. Dura Bench becoming very popular for production growing in greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Plastic public benches and tables!! For public areas, institutions, parks, etc. Plastic benches using re-processed plastic are very stable and public benches are used for bus stop, parks, fairgrounds, churches, etc.
  • Econo benchesWelded wire construction
  • Expanded metal greenhouse bench metal tops – Bench tops of expanded metal are the most popular. Expanded metal is generally 12 or 13 gauge. Expanded metal greenhouse tops can be used on display benches in nurseries. The use of expanded metal bench tops have cross supports no further than 24 inches.Expanded metal bench tops often used as bottom of ebb and flo bench tops.


Bench design considerations