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Ebb and Flo Benches

Ebb & Flo Plastic TraysOur Ebb & Flo Tops are supplied in gray as standard but are available in other colors at an additional charge and shipped directly from the factory in Europe. Minimum order 50 pieces.

U.V. light filter. For an additional charge we can supply tops with ultra violet light filter on outer surface which is added to polystyrene during the manufacturing process. This provides extra protection for tops and is recommended when they are used in extremely high light areas of the world in greenhouses located more than 1,000 meters (3,500 to 4,000 feet) that are not protected by ultra-light absorbing material such as poly and polycarbonate, when used outdoors.

Some sizes are available in U.S. and Canadian inventory. Material can be ordered from the factory and shopped to warehouses in the U.S. and Canada if not available in the warehouse. Most sizes shipped directly from European factory. Many sizes available.


The number, shape and size of the drains are made in a way, so that an optimum of watering and draining of the plants is achieved, and even small pots stand constant all over the table. The shape of the drains makes it possible to stack the tops, which means a large reduction in packaging and transport/costs. Now it is possible to load about 3500 m2 in a 40″ – container.

Plastic tops for the ebb/flo tables

The topsprogramme for ebb/flo tables of STAL & PLAST is made of a highly developed and carefully tested high-class product with 13 years testing and experience behind it. The tops we produce today are moulded on a high technological fully automatic vacuum forming plant, which ensures a great homogeneity of the material and an optimum dispersion of the plastic material.

That means a large thickness of material at all corners and edges. All the forming tools are temperature controlled alu-moulds, which ensure an exact homogeneous cooling of the tops this means a total flat level of the material which is important for the efficiency of the ebb/flow system.

Ebb & Flo Plastic Trays

The sump of the valve is made in a way, which makes it possible to connect various valves in the same sump. You can also choose sumps at both ends of the table. Plastfilter for the sump can be delivered, so that you can avoid choking up the valve with dirt, soil and leaves. You can also choose a sump with a big drainhole and a stopper, this means a quick drain, when the table has to be cleaned up.

The tops are produced in the following widths: 330 – 430 – 630 – 800 – 1000 – 1200 – 1450 – 1500 – 1600 – 1800 – 1900 – 2000 – 2200 mm. The available lengths of the tops are 1000 – 2400 mm that means: fewer and at the same time less possibility of leaks, less use of glue, easier cleaning and quicker assembling.

The raw materials is high impactprooved, UV stabilized Polystyrene,which is resistant towards chemicals. This ensures a long lifetime even with hard daily wear.

The tops are delivered in gray, but can be delivered in any colour for extra charge. Special wishes can be fulfilled s.a. the width of the tops, the placing of the sumps a.s.o. Please contact us for further information about this subject. Besides, we can recommend you to order our subscription list of all types of tops.

Special Note:

Ebb and Flo panels available separately to mount on any existing bench and complete bench system

Ebb and Flo Tray 6′ wide is only size stocked in U.S. warehouses at most times.

Available Ebb & Flo Tray Sizes (in width)

Metric Size US Size Metric Size US Size
330 mm 13 inches 1640 mm 64 9/16 inches
435 mm 17 1/8 inches 1660 mm 65 3/8 inches
630 mm 24 13/16 inches 1680 mm 66 1/8 inches
800 mm 31 1/2 inches 1700 mm 66 16/16 inches
1000 mm 39 3/8 inches 1780 mm 70 1/16 inches
1200 mm 47 1/2 inches 1800 mm 70 7/8 inches
1435 mm 56 1/2 inches 1820 mm 71 5/8 inches
1455 mm 57 5/16 inches 1880 mm 74 inches
1475 mm 58 1/16 inches 1900 mm 74 13/16 inches
1500 mm 59 1/16 inches 1920 mm 75 9/16 inches
1520 mm 59 13/16 inches 1980 mm 77 15/16 inches
1540 mm 60 5/8 inches 2000 mm 78 3/4 inches
1560 mm 61 7/16 inches 2020 mm 79 1/2 inches
1600 mm 63 inches
1620 mm 63 3/4 inches
Standard length 4′ and 8′. Minimum order – 6 Ebb and Flo panels International sales shipped direct from Europe

Ebb and Flo benches form the world leader European manufacturer drains also. The USGR Ebb and Flo benching system replaces traditional expanded metal with watertight, molded plastic trays. The trays are flooded with a water and fertilizer mix, which plants absorb through holes in the pot bottoms. With the Ebb & Flo benching system, you can:

  • Decrease water and fertilizer consumption by as much as 50%. After a designated amount of time, excess water and fertilizer are drained off and can be reused later.
  • Increase watering efficiency, reduce labor costs. An entire bench of plants can be watered simultaneously.
  • Improve air circulation and drainage. A grid of shallow troughs allows air circulation and drainage under the pots.
  • Improve plant health. Plant leaves and greenhouse aisles and walkways stay dry, so overall greenhouse humidity is lowered and the chance of disease is reduced.

USGR’s Ebb and Flo benches are designed as a “floating aisle” system, so unproductive
aisle space is minimized and growing space is increased by as much as 30% over
fixed benches. And they’re engineered with the same built-to-last design principles
as our benching. Trays will hold up to 1 gal. per square foot.


Improve watering efficiency and plant health while you cut labor costs.

EBB & FLO benches from the worlds leader European
manufacturer drains also

Bench design considerations