Benches Photo Album

Greenhouse Benches Photo Album

88% ground coverage of Floating Aisle Benches. Note black weed control. Benches are free standing on narrow concrete footings. Also not the totally
insulated north wall of the greenhouse.

Legs set in individual footings – with side bench Purlins and aluminum 2 1/2″ Gap Frames.

Expanded Metal Bench Top, precut with aluminum frame. Excellent product, easy to install can be purchased separately.

Rolling Floating Aisle Bench with Welded Wire plastic coated bench bottoms. This house 88% ground area coverage. Note Flat-Slope-Flat blackout Shade System.

Shinoda Floral – 20 years later and still 85 % coverage in
African Violet range. Bench bottoms are coated welded wire

This picture shows why benches are expensive.
Note all the steel and aluminum but being floating
they will pay for themselves rapidly

The Econo Rolling bench in now Quonsetter house with in bench tube heating benches in Concrete

Expanded metal bench bottoms sold separately
or as part of the bench

Preparing a house for free standing benches
on concrete footings rather than
full concrete pad.
Wweed barrier will be put under bench.

Benches with weed barrier being installed

Ebb and Flo Benches

Ebb and Flo Benches

Tiered Wall Display
Three-level display benches with plant hanger options for hanging baskets
Tiered Wall Display Benches
3-Level Display Benches with matching end caps
Outdoor Benches for Seasonal Plants
Outdoor Benches for Seasonal Displays
Tiered Wall with plant hangers & casters for movability
3-level display with plant hangers
Single Level Bench
Growing & display benches for greenhouse, nurseries, garden centers, retail stores, etc.
Tiered Wall Display / Plant Hanger Storefront / Garden Center
Bench design considerations