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Galvanized Floating Aisle Bench System
with deep irrigation flat truss to truss
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Plus Greenhouse.

Choose increased production area.

The Floating Aisle Bench System turns unprofitable aisle areas into profit-producing growing space. One “floating” aisle in your greenhouse is all you need.

Our unique system allows you to move the access aisle from one side of the greenhouse to the other – and anywhere in between. The square footage gained by eliminating unused aisles can increase your growing area by as much as 30% to a maximum of 84-87% of ground area.

Choose a total system. For maximum greenhouse efficiency, combine the Floating Aisle system with the Ebb and Flow irrigation system, and with the Alcoa Aluminum Fin (under-the-bench) Heating System or other in bench or below bench heating.

Contact the experts at U.S. Global Resources for details on pricing and installation.

Choose floating aisle benches in many widths with lengths to your specifications.

Easy-Roll Rolling Benches

Patented anti-tip feature

Patented anti-tip feature

Available with wire, expanded metal or ebb and flow tops. Corners rounded to prevent injury and cuts. Special designs for institutions.



  • Heavy gauge legs are supplied with a galvanized finish
  • Tapered roll bars require less effort to move the benches
  • ROLL-FORM components maximize structural integrity
  • Thousands of benches are in service throughout the world


  • Benches are supplied pre-punched, reducing installation labor
  • Anti-tip brackets allow movement of cantilevered benches without
    redistributing weight
  • Multiple widths are available

Rolling bench construction

Rolling bench construction overview

Standard widths

Standard widths

Rolling bench legs and mounting

Rolling bench legs and mounting


Optional Features

  • Bench Top:
    Side and End Rails – Depth can be standard 2-1/4″, or can be 3-1/2″,or 5-1/4″ to prevent plant tip-over.

    Crosspieces – Spacing can be adjusted to support heavier


  • Most benches are adaptable to expanded metal, welded wire, Ebb and Flow,open mesh, etc.
  • Supports can be freestanding on a concrete floor or can be anchored inconcrete
  • Special Note on Rolling Benches or Floating Aisle Benches. There is oftenmore steel in the bench than in the greenhouse structure. The price of benches depends upon length, width, quantity, and quality.
  • Benches are compatible with the Alcoa Fin Tube hot water heating systemor other in bench or under bench heating.

Bench design considerations