Waterbed Self Watering Display System

wAterbed self-watering plant display system

Just Add Water !

Introducing WaterbedTM Self-Watering Plant Display System

Waterbed design

Why waste water and risk damaging plants by trying to guess how much water they need and when? Just fill the Waterbed self-watering plant display system and let science do the rest! Finally there’s a low-cost alternative to those Insanely expensive automated watering systems! The Waterbed- patent pending reservoir and pressure-activated capillary mat system allows plants to wick water from underneath as they need it. Just fill the reservoir, arrange the plants as you see fit, and then let the Waterbed- do the rest!

  • 2’/2 gallon water capacity
  • Designed to work with most other benching or display systems
  • Capable of reducing water use by more than 50%
  • Contains fertilizer and prevents runoff
  • Dramatically reduces water on floors and down the drain
  • 24-inch by 48-inch reservoir is molded from 100% recycled HDPE
  • Stop wasting water, start saving money!

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rest easy!

Easy Start-up Guide

Prepare your plants for the Waterbed TM

  • Select Compatible Containers

Use containers that feature drain holes on the bottom, such as the one shown here. Holes must be in direct contact with the surface of the WaterbedTM.

  • Give plants an initial thorough watering. Moist soil will allow the WaterbedTM to work more efficiently.

Just add water!

Fill Spout

Drain Hole

  • Fill the Waterbed”‘ reservoir
    Fill spouts are located at opposite corners, near the Waterbed”‘ logo.
    The WaterbedTM is full when water begins to drip from the drain holes.

Congratulations! Your WaterbedTM is ready to go l

Add water when needed to ensure that the reservoir never runs dry. If dryness does occur, simply repeat this procedure.

  • Choose Our AllPlastic Benching

    Although compatible with most flat benching, the WaterbedTM and our benches make the perfect team.