About Chemical Sprayers


U.S. Global Resources offers a very extensive line of chemical sprayers used in many industries. Our greenhouse, agricultural sprayers are used for pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and some fertilizer application, not only in the greenhouse and general horticultural and agricultural uses, but also for animal confinement, particularly in the poultry, hog and other animal types of buildings. These same chemical sprayers for greenhouse purposes are also used for many warehouse applications.

Our Siebring sprayers have greenhouse, farm and industrial applications. Our Siebring sprayers are for field application as well. Our Siebring sprayers come in a wide variety of high gallon tanks. Our Siebring sprayers go from low pressure to high as 800 PSI. All of our Siebring greenhouse and farm sprayers come with heavy duty wheels for easy maneuverability.

For those wanting exceptional low volume greenhouse and industrial sprayers where chemicals are applied and use less water to prevent runoff or excessive condensation, our CRSM Aquafog is a perfect solution. Our greenhouse sprayer also is used for industrial as an odor control for industrial and municipal applications. If you are looking for greenhouse or agricultural sprayer and also need odor control such as found in barns, dairies, etc, the unit is interchangeable. It is an outstanding addition to our line of sprayers.

We offer a wide variety of Dramm sprayers that are basically a line of foggers that come as both large autofog that would treat areas as small as few thousand sq ft to up to 30,000 sq ft and even more where engineered and designed for additional fans. Largest sprayer known as Autofog will spray up to 60,000 sq ft without fans. We also offer hydraulic sprayers for agricultural use and have a very popular 4 cylinder Honda gasoline engine sprayer for a wide variety of uses. We also have hydraulic sprayers on wheels that run from 20 gallons up to 150 gallons. These are basically used in greenhouses, but also very popular in warehouse use for a variety of crop storage systems.

We also have a very special backpack sprayer that holds 4 gallons. This greenhouse backpack sprayer is also used for many other applications. Better than the Solo sprayer, because there is no hand pumping.

One of the most popular sprayers we offer worldwide is the pulsing sprayer used as a greenhouse sprayer, greenhouse fogger, poultry sprayer, livestock sprayer and often referred to as PulsFog smoke fogger. This sprayer is used worldwide and numerous applications for agriculture and industrial.

U.S. Global Resources has been offering sprayers worldwide for most of our 78 years in business. All of our sprayers whether used in greenhouses, outdoor application, agricultural use, warehouse, and some industrial applications are of highest quality, longest life and precise dispersal.