About Fogging Chemical Applicators


Pulsfog and Coldfoggers are ideal smoke chemical applicators. The Pulsfog is also used extensively in livestock and poultry farming. Pulsing Pulsfogs are used universally safely around enclosed environment structures such as poultry buildings, swine, greenhouses, etc. Pulsfog Bio Unit used in livestock and poultry has 4 nozzles and can have additional tank for cooling the exhaust to protect the product to be fogged. Please check and contact us for approved chemicals for use in poultry houses.

The greenhouse Pulsfog comes in 3 sizes. 25, 50 and 100 gallon and 1 HP. The greenhouse Pulsfog K3-20 is available with an optional cart. Greenhouse Pulsfog output time varies with the time the Pulsfog is used. Depending upon the size of the Pulsfog, spray distance ranges from 45 ft to 390 ft, depending upon the greenhouse Pulsfog unit.

There are many other poultry and livestock Pulsfogs beginning with the K10, 20 liter tank capacity, to the K4 poultry Pulsfog weighing 95 lbs and on rollers. Poultry Pulsfog is available in units from 25 HP, weighing 18 lbs to the K4 Poultry Pulsfog weighing 95 lbs and 125 HP.

The Coldfogger is also very popular fogging system, operating at, of course lower temperatures than the PulsFog. The Coldfogger unit producing cold fog has chemical volume of 30 liters, 45 liters and the largest unit is in 50 gallon tank volume units, with chemical output rate of 1 liter per minute. Our largest Coldfogger unit operates at maximum 3,000 PSI. All of our Coldfogger chemical applicators are for low volume spraying. The Coldfogger is a reduced labor cost sprayer.