Aquafog Crsm

Aquafog Turbo XE ORSM for odor control

The Aquafog CRSM:

Eliminates Greenhouse Pests

and Harmful Growths Safely

A low-volume method for applying pesticides and fungicides enables the Aquafog CRSM to use the same amount of chemical in less water, reducing costly and potentially hazardous run-off. EPA-friendly CRSM can pre-treat your greenhouse to avoid expensive damage, fumigate insect-infested areas, and apply fungicides to destroy harmful growth. Its high quality components make it exceptionally durable and reliable, yet CRSM costs far less than many other comparable foggers made today.

  • Automatic operation for unmanned use, with timer control.
  • Designed with heavy-wall IN stabilized construction, all watertight electrical enclosures and connections, all stainless steel hardware.
  • Features a nozzle-free, no-clog atomizing head.

Its high quality components make itexceptionally durable and reliable,
yetCRSM costs far less than many other comparable foggers made today.


Coverage: 30,000 sq. ft.
CFM: 1/2HP = 2,730 or 3/4HP = 3,180
Energy consumption: 1/2HP = 7.4 AMPS or 3/4HP = 4 AMPS
Noise @ 10 ft. distance: 1/2HP = 74-77 dB(A) or 3/4HP = 73-76 dB(A)



1/2HP, 115V, 60Hz, 1 Ph or 3/4HP, 240V, 50Hz, 1Ph
Weight: 1/2HP = 76 lbs or 3/4HP = 91 lbs
Tank capacity: 18 U.S. Gal./68 Liters
Fogging capability: 0-5 GPH

Standard Features

  • CRSM have adjustable fogging capabilities up to 5 US GPH, producing particles that average 5 microns in size.
  • Circulation pump vigorously agitates solution, allowing use of heavy powders.
  • Equipped with flow control, automatic fill float assembly, overflow port, water hose connection.
  • Features no-clog, nozzle-free atomization head and made of thermoplastic that’s highly corrosion-resistant.
  • Fluid level gauge and large-mouth opening make it easy to mix and fill tank with chemicals.
  • Drainage plug for easier cleaning.
  • Units treat up to 30,000 square feet.
  • Extensive operator’s manual includes dilution charts and spraying procedures.
  • Uses standard electrical supply, available in 1/2 HP, 115Y, 60Hz, single phase or 3/4 HP, 240V, 50 Hz, single Phase.
  • Delivered fully assembled, shipped bycommon carrier.

All units accept ordinary water supply, even well or pond water without risk of fogging. Secret is in the nozzle-free flushing design. Units can be run continuously.