Chemical Sprayers and
Chemical Application Equipment

U.S. Global Resources represents, sells, and installs the Dramm and Siebring line of sprayers and chemical applicators, plus other selected foggers and sprayers. We have information online about the following categories and models of spraying equipment:


Spraying for misting, both high and low pressure, plant drenching, carious sizes for small retail operations through medium size greenhouses and nurseries. See Siebring Sprayers for Farm, Nursery and Greenhouse


Our low volume CRSM Aquafog applies pesticides and fungicides but has complete coverage with less leaf runoff. Automatic operation for unmanned use with timer. No-clog atomizing head. Very fine fog. Also used for odor control for many industrial, agricultural and municipal applications.

Dramm Corporation Sprayers

Dramm offers one for the world’s most diverse product lines of sprayers and chemical application equipment. Dramm Corporation offers the following equipment for a wide variety of applications.

AutofogTM Sprayers – Air assisted micro particle sprayer for enclosed areas. Ultra low volume principle. Four sizes and types.

  • MLVH 10A Mini AutofogTM
  • SLVH 20A AutofogTM
  • LVH 10A AutofogTM
  • DLVH AutofogTM

ColdfoggerTM Sprayers – A low volume applicator that easily applies all formulations of chemicals. Ultra small spray droplets. 30,000 sq ft of coverage in 30 minutes Three models plus guns/lances:

  • 600M Mini ColdfoggerTM
  • RRH ColdfoggerTM
  • Mammoth ColdfoggerTM
  • Spray Guns and Lances

Pulsing Jet Engine Sprayers – Pulsfog sprayers are of European manufacture, distributed by Dramm Corporation. Operates on a pulsing jet engine that produces a visible fog, one of Dramm’s most popular sellers. Computer controlled.

  • PulsFog® K10
  • PulsFog® K22
  • PulsFog® K30
  • PulsFog® K30/20
  • PulsFog® K30/20 BIO
  • PulsFog® K10/O
  • PulsFog® K22/O
  • PulsFog® K30/O
  • PulsFog® K30/20/O
  • PulsFog Carrier Solutions

Spinning Disk Sprayers – The Micro-fit, Herbi, Ulvafan and Turbair sprayers produce both narrow and wider band sprays using water based products. Used worldwide for band spraying. The Ulvafan sprayer is extremely popular, as it is powered by 12 volt rechargeable battery, used for quick treatment of targeted areas. Turbair operates off an electric motor with extension cables allowing treatments up to 200 ft from power source. Turbair produces small even sized droplets, operated by a two-stroke gasoline engine.

  • Microfit Herbi Standard
  • Microfit Herbaflex
  • Microfit Herbi-tin
  • Ulva+
  • Turbair Electrafan
  • Turbair Motafan

Hydraulic Sprayers – The MSO is a powerful hydraulic sprayer with a 20′ throw and 33′ discharge hose. Very popular for small area application. The GAS-MS Gasoline Sprayer is a gas operated unit used for conventional spray applications. Backpack spragyers are the standard, popular units with a 5 gallon solution tank.

  • MSO Sprayer
  • MS20 Sprayer
  • MSO-GAS Gasoline Sprayer
  • MS20-GAS Gasoline Sprayer
  • Hydra
  • Hydra 50/150 Sprayer
  • Hydra Spraytrax 100