We offer greenhouse environmental control systems from simple thermostats to complex multi-menu controlling a wide variety of operational equipment and systems in your greenhouse as noted in the following list:

Our greenhouse environmental control business was established in the early 1960’s when we first started to design and provide greenhouse structures and operating equipment, such as heaters and fans. Today, in the 21st century, greenhouse environmental control systems have become an essential part of economical operation of our growing environment. Greenhouse controllers provide integrated and sequential exacting control of all phases of operating systems.

Whether you are a large grower or small retail operation, institutional or large wholesale operation, we have greenhouse and nursery control systems for energy savings, plant growth, irrigation, fertilization to help you consistently reproduce best crop results. Our greenhouse control systems also are very labor savings and whether it is accuracy in the thermometer or controlling in a fine mist, we have the greenhouse control to meet your requirements.

The following is a partial list of the environments and systems controlled either individually or integrated into one computer operated environmental controller.

USGR has a background and support team to assist you in saving energy, reducing operation costs and including crop growth in the application included above.