Step 500 controllerWadsworth’s EnviroSTEP is a fully integrated computer that controls a single zone. Growers with multiple greenhouses can combine EnviroSTEP, VersiSTEP and microSTEP/SA computers.

With the EnviroSTEPs 12 outputs you can control the majority of equipment in your greenhouse including temperature, humidity, energy curtains, lighting, CO2, irrigation, misting and fog.


  • Improved Crops
    • Improved crop quality
    • Higher yield %
    • Consistent crop quality
    • Accurate Temp & RH
    • Dif
    • Multiple Sensor Sites
    • Control Light, CO2 watering

    Reduce expenses

    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Lower labor costs
    • Reduce chemical costs
    • Increase longevity of equipment – Less wear and tear

    Reproduce Top Crops

    • Records data logging, & graphs
    • Increase your ability for consistent crop quality
    • Improve your yield percentage


enviroSTEP componentsWadsworth custom programs each EnviroSTEP before shipping it to you. This means you do not have to spend any time setting up your control once it is installed. Over time you will learn to further customize the control for each crop. We provide a video tape with a full training session, a detailed manual and optional on-site or internet based training to help you learn how to optimize your control.

    • 3 setpoint periods: Day, Night and DIF plus programmable ramp rates.
    • 12 relay outputs with manual override switches.
    • Replaceable 10 amp DPDT relays.
    • 2 analog outputs (0 to 10vdc) control variable speed fans and modulating valves.
    • 7 Analog input channels connect light, CO2, RH, and temperature sensors.
    • 4 digital detector input channels read precipitation, wind speed/direction sensors.
    • Sensor inputs mounted on terminal blocks for easy installation.
    • Records all input and equipment output status in 15 minute increments and retains data for 7 days.
    • Alarm outputs fully programmable.
    • Automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset.
    • Includes aspirated temperature and humidity sensing module with 100′ of cable and a solar shielded outdoor temperature sensor.
    • For maximum benefit, connect your EnviroSTEP to a Weather Station and use the STEPsaver software which connects the control to a PC for remote access.
    • Fahrenheit or Centigrade selectable.
    • Industry’s largest display screen with 8 lines-includes report logs and graphing functions.
    • 4X4 keypad for easy programming.
    • Anodized aluminum cabinet 16″ x 16″ x 5″ (406 x 406 x 127mm) with locking door, protects against sunlight and moisture.


Alarm ManagerOptimize the power of your EnviroSTEP computer control with additional sensors.

Your EnviroSTEP control includes a temperature and humidity sensor and an outdoor temperature sensor. Some growers add extra temperature and humidity sensors to average the readings in large zones. Adding sensors increases the power of your control. Optional Equipment

  • STEPsaver Software connects your EnviroSTEP to a PC. This not only gives you remote access to your control but it also gives you more power.
  • Weather Station can be added to your system at any time. One Weather Station can be connected to multiple STEP controls. The weather station monitors outdoor conditions and uses the information to enhance your EnviroSTEP’s control.
  • Alarm Manager protects your crops by immediately notifying you when the conditions become dangerous and threaten your livelihood. Alarm Manager instantly starts calling the programmed phone numbers when the conditions reach your predefined level or if there is a power outage.
  • CO2 sensor Wadsworth’s CO2 sensor uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to measure CO2 concentration in the greenhouse air. Its microprocessor based electronics require less frequent recalibration than most CO2 units.
  • Soil temperature probe For reading soil temperature, Wadsworth packages its proven semiconductor sensing element in a stainless steel tube that provides for fast, accurate readings while protecting the sensor.
  • Hot water sensor Wadsworth packages its proven semiconductor temperature sensor technology in thermowells for insertion into hot water heating pipes, and in compact rapid response modules for mounting directly on the surface of heating pipes. Extended temperature range versions are available on special order if your application uses water warmer than 180ºF/80ºC.
  • Light sensor (Pyranometer) Wadsworth uses silicon photovoltaic technology for light sensing. These sensors are accurate, durable, and economical. The sensors are protected in a plastic resin housing for indoor or outdoor use, and are cosine corrected to provide accurate readings at times of the day and year when the angle of the sun is low.

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