Step 500

STEP 500

Step 500 controllerWadsworth’s STEP 500 control system makes greenhouse temperature control easy. Just connect your heating and cooling equipment and turn the knobs to the desired day and night temperatures. No more dueling thermostats that have cooling systems and heaters running at the same time.

Incredible durability: some Wadsworth controls purchased in the 1970’s are still effectively controlling environments today.


  • Improves crop quality
  • Uniform plant growth
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Simplifies control and maintenance
  • Reduces night temperature to mimic nature and save energy


  • Step 500 aspiratorDay and night temperature settings
  • 3 stages of heating and 5 stages of cooling
  • Controls the majority of heating and cooling equipment
  • Equipment comes on gradually after a power failure
  • Color coded manual override switches
  • Includes an aspirated temperature sensor and 100′ of cable
  • Includes an outdoor temperature sensor to anticipate heating needs, and 25′ of cable
  • Replaceable 10 amp DPDT load relays
  • Programmable lockout disables stages for energy savings
  • Displays greenhouse temperature
  • Modulating output voltage for proportional steam and hot water valves
  • Corrosion resistant NEMA4 anodized aluminum cabinet with locking door protects your control, 22″ x 16″ x5″


STEP 500 example

STEP 500 at Tom’s Garden Center in IL

STEP 500 at Tom's Garden Center


Protect your greenhouse and crop.

WeatherGuard override system takes the worry out of wind, rain and snow. It is designed to override normal operations to close vents or retract shade systems when high winds, cold weather, rain or snow might cause damage.

Alarm Manager protects your crops by immediately notifying you when the conditions become dangerous and threaten your livelihood. Alarm Manager instantly starts calling the programmed phone numbers when the conditions reach your predefined level or if there is a power outage. In order to use an Alarm Manager with your MiniSTEP you need to add a thermostat to signal the Alarm Manager when the temperature is at risk.