Step Up Six Stage Controller


Introducing Wadsworth’s newest staged control. This 6-stage control has an innovative new design that is very user friendly. It has more features than our traditional line of staged controls (STEP 50a and STEP 500) yet it is even more affordable.

STEP UP controllerWhat’s new?

STEP Up to Better Control This control has 3 setpoint periods, DIF, Day and Night. These can be set based on solar activity so your day period starts at sunrise or you can set the periods to start at a specific clock time such as 8am.

STEP Up to Easy Operation: It is as simple as turning a knob and pressing the select/save button. There is a Help button if you ever want more information but people are calling this the easiest to use control on the market.

STEP Up to Timed Override This is Wadsworth’s first control to offer timed override. Simply push the button next to a stage and you’re given the opportunity to set a specific time for that stage to be forced on or forced off.

We added this feature because growers told us they often forgot to return the manual override switches to the automatic position. One grower who closely monitors his energy consumption reported a 40% spike in energy consumption one night because he had manually uncovered his curtain and forgot to return it to the automatic mode.

Colorado State University helped us design the control. They suggest using the timed override switches to lock-out cooling equipment during fumigation periods. To make room for the STEP Up control’s push button override switches, the dual override switches are now located on the contractor panel rather than on the main control panel.

STEP Up TO AN ENHANCED DISPLAY: A large LCD screen and oversized font displays current temperature, time, date, sunrise, sunset, set point, grow week, and the trigger temperature for each stage.


STEP Up TO INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Reduce your labor costs with the STEP Up automatically controlling your environment. Wadsworth custom programs your control based on the equipment in your greenhouse. Leaving time for you to focus on running your business.

STEP Up TO ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Coordinate heating and cooling equipment and reduce energy consumption. Using a sensitive, central temperature sensor in an aspirated solar guarded housing reduces your energy consumption.

STEP Up TO EASY OPERATION: It’s as simple as turning a knob and pressing the select/save button.
STEP Up TO INCREASED FLEXIBILITY: You can easily change your three set point temperature settings and adjust the temperature between each stage.

STEP Up TO EXPANDED OPERATIONS: STEP Up automatically operates the equipment. In addition you can manually override the equipment based on time or use the manual toggle switches. Use the timed override to lock out cooling during fumigation.

STEP Up TO IMPROVED CROPS: Improve your crop quality by using the temperature data. STEP Up records 7 days of data in 15 minute intervals. It records the minimum/maximum/ average temperature for each period and graphs the data on the LCD screen. Mary, I change the text w/ this bullet

STEP Up TO A SAFER SYSTEM: Battery backup retains your custom settings, the time and date. Manual toggle switches give you full control Connect to Wadsworth’s Alarm Manager to be notified of urgent conditions.


6 Stages

  • 2 Stages of Heating
  • 4 Stages of Cooling
  • Easy to adjust the temperature between stages.
  • 2 Incremental outputs modulate vents, side roll-up orcurtains.
  • Easy adjustment of temperatures between stages.

3 Setpoint Periods

  • Day/Night/DIF set points
  • Ramping controls the rate of change between periods
  • Periods can be set based on clock time or sunrise andsunset.
  • Tracks grow weeks

Modulating Output

  • 0 – 10 volts or 4-20 milliamps Controls Heat Valvesor Variable Speed Fans

Cycle Timer

Password protected

Manual Override

  • Timed override buttons on the STEP Up control allowequipment to be forced on or off for a specific duration.
  • Red LED lights indicate active stages
  • Manual override toggle switches are on the contactorpanel

Logs and Graphs Data

  • Average, high and low temperature for each setpointtime period
  • Average temperature in 15 minute increments
  • Data is stored on the STEP Up for 7 days and can beviewed in logs or graphs
  • STEPsaversoftware connects your STEP Up to a PC advanced data logging and graphing. Coming Soon!

Settings are stored in memory in the event of power failure.

Fahrenheit/Celsius selectable

Alarm notification with optional Alarm Manager

Help Button

  • Provides additional information

Ability to return to factory settings

STEP Up Control Includes

  • An aspirated temperature sensor and 100′ of cable
  • Optional RH sensor _ Connector cable to wire the STEPUp control to the contactor panel

STEP Up size Length = 9-1/2″,Width = 3-3/4″, Height = 6-1/4″



Protect your greenhouse and crop.

WeatherGuard override system takes the worry out of wind, rain and snow. It is designed to override normal operations to close vents or retract shade systems when high winds, cold weather, rain or snow might cause damage.

Alarm Manager protects your crops by immediately notifying you when the conditions become dangerous and threaten your livelihood. Alarm Manager instantly starts calling the programmed phone numbers when the conditions reach your predefined level or if there is a power outage. In order to use an Alarm Manager with your MiniSTEP you need to add a thermostat to signal the Alarm Manager when the temperature is at risk.


How does the STEP Up Control interface with the STEP Up Relay Box or the STEP Up Custom Relay Panel?

STEP Up Control The STEP Up Control contains all of the logic for the Control. It does not have a transformer or any override on-off-auto switches. Wadsworth must provide a STEP Up Relay Override Box. For complete project load wiring you may require a Customized Relay Panel providing load power to equipment.

The STEP Up Control board has optical relay outputs. These outputs send a signal to the STEP Up Relay Override Box (M-5001). The STEP Up Relay Override Box contains 11 relays (these are DPDT 5 amp). The transition between the STEP Up Control outputs and the STEP Up Relay Override Box is critical. The optical relay outputs need to be connected to the small relays in the STEP Up Relay Override Box or it will severely damage the STEP Up Control board.

What is included in the basic STEP Up Relay Override Box (M-5001)?

  • Transformer
  • On – Off – Auto switches
  • 11 relays (DPDT 5 amp)
  • Easy to wire terminal strips
  • NEMA 1 cabinet
  • UL approved
  • List price $497 (as of July, 2007)

If the project has equipment that requires larger relays, then the STEP Up Relay Overrides are incorporated into a STEP Up Custom Relay Panel.

What is included in a STEP Up Custom Relay Panel?

  • Transformer
  • On – Off – Auto switches
  • 11 relays (DPDT 5 amp)
  • Easy to wire terminal strip
  • Larger relays per requirements of the equipment.Examples of equipment that require larger relays (exhaust fans, HAF fans,pad pump, HID lights
  • loads over 3.75 amps)
  • NEMA 12 cabinet
  • UL approved

Examples of equipment that requires larger relays:

Scenario 1: The greenhouse has this equipment:

  • 1 roll-up wall
  • 1 curtain system
  • 2 Unit Heaters(No HAF, exhaust fans, or Jet FanTubes)

This project includes a STEP Up Control and the basic STEP Up Relay Override box.
Equipment in this greenhouse has small loads and does not require larger relays.
The STEP Up Control sends signals to the STEP Up Relay Override box.
This in turn forwards a signal to the Vent Control Box for the roll-up, and a
signal to the Curtain Control Box to move the curtain, and to the heaters for heat.

Step Up Control

Step Up
Relay Override Panel

Vent Control Box

Curtain Control Box

Scenario 2: The greenhouse has this equipment:

  • 1 roll-up wall
  • 1 curtain system
  • 2 Unit Heaters
  • 4 HAF
  • 1 2-speed exhaust fan, 220v

Because some of the equipment in this greenhouse requires larger relays, and if those relays are not already installed in your wiring; then a Customized Relay Panel needs to be included with the STEP Up Control.

The STEP Up Control sends signals to the Custom Relay Panel. This forwards signals to the Vent and Curtain Control boxes which operate vents and the curtain. It forwards signals via the 5 amp DPDT relays to the heaters and to the larger relays which turn on the exhaust fans.


Step Up Control

Step Up Custom Panel

Vent Control Box

Curtain Control Box

Relays and Overrides

Custom Relays