STEPSaver Software

Optimize System

STEPsaver makes it easy to monitor and control your greenhouse from your PC. View current conditions for each zone or look for trends using the Logs and Graphs feature.

STEPsaver is ideally suited for any size grower. Combining performance with outstanding value, the STEPsaver software saves time by eliminating extra trips to the greenhouse.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of the new STEPsaver software we can send you a complimentary CD with a guided demo or if you have high speed internet access we can schedule a private session with you and show you a live demonstration.


  • Centralized control management of greenhouse from PC
  • Automatically gathers and archives records
  • Advanced data logs, graphs and reports
  • Share data on network
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Saves crop settings
  • Windows interface


  • Easy to use Windows interface.
  • Centralized view of conditions, settings and records from all of your EnviroSTEP, microSTEP or VersiSTEP controllers.
  • Investigate and address alarms, change equipment settings, adjust setpoints.
  • Receive alarm notifications via email to your cell phone, pager or email box.
  • Advanced data logging and graphing of sensors and greenhouse equipment.
  • Ability to zoom in on exact data points.
  • Analyze climate data, equipment operation and performance within STEPsaver. Or, export the information for use with other programs.
  • Share data on networked PCs.
  • Full password and right protection allows different levels of access.
  • User friendly wizards to help set up your STEPsaver.
  • Drop down menus for easy navigation.
  • View zone averages for equipment, conditions and more.
  • View data for light readings in foot candles or in milliwatts.
  • Synchronize your controllers to use the same time and date as your PC.
  • Collect data in one minute or fifteen minute increments.
  • Customized fields allow you to change the equipment or zone names.
  • Ability to e-mail technical support logs to assist with troubleshooting.
  • Remote technical support and training available.
  • Includes instructional tutorial.


Harvard STEPSaver
STEPsaver shot from Harvard


If your PC has internet access you can view and make changes to the greenhouse controls from a remote location. This also enables us to do remote tech support or training.