Wadsworth Controllers


USGR has offered Wadsworth environmental control systems for 40 of our 70 years in business. We have Wadsworth greenhouse and nursery controllers operating worldwide in controlling the environments of many different crops in many different environments with great success, low maintenance and exacting control. We bring to our greenhouse and nursery clients outstanding greenhouse components, systems and equipment of all types. We use Wadsworth Controllers and other environmental control products to integrate and efficiently operate all of our various greenhouse products that require automatic control.

In order to help our clients select the best integrated system and environmental control, we also offer an extremely strong background in plant growth technology. Various crops require different environmental control systems that will promote the highest quantity and best quality.
Our knowledge of operating systems and plant growth technology and environmental control systems are brought together and is part of our service. Each plant gendre whether it be propagation, germination, flower or vegetable production has its own unique requirement. USGR has the ability and background to make this marriage between that plant’s requirements and the operating systems we provide with Wadsworth and other outstanding environmental control systems.

  • Single Stage Thermostats
  • Two Stage Thermostats
  • Wadsworth’s newest Step-Up 6-stage controller
  • Step 50-A – Replaces Step 50 – Parts for Step 50 still available
  • Mini-Step – 4 stage electronic controller, 2 temperature settings, includes environmental control package, contactor panel. Has day and night temperature set point. Push button control.
  • Step 500 – 3 stages of heating, 5 stages of cooling, includes outdoor sensor, in use since early 70’s
  • Micro-Step 500 SA – no longer available but you may still order accessories and spare parts and replace contactor panels.
  • EnviroStep – Works great for multiple greenhouses. 12 output that control the majority of your greenhouse equipment.
  • VersiStep – Fully integrated. Computerized controls. 24 output. Custom program as you require.
  • Weather Guard – Takes worry about protecting your greenhouse and crop from wind, rain and snow. An over-ride system for your protection.
  • M-1608 – Vent controller. Workhorse of the industry. 3 stages of incremental vent control. 4 stages for use with heater or other control requirement.
  • StepSaver – Software to easily monitor and control greenhouse from your PC.
  • Sensors – Wide variety of sensors. – Aspirators – temperature – CO2 – soil probe – hot water/steam. Light. Others as required.
  • Weather Station – Monitors outdoor conditions; integrate with your various Step Controllers.
  • Alarm Manager – Protect your crops by receiving notification when conditions change. Program up to 20 phone numbers.

Comparative Chart for Step Controllers